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V&E’s lean-team model means great training for associates, with hands-on experience, strong partner mentorship, and opportunities to tackle new challenges. Overall, associates agree that V&E offers a great culture, great compensation, and great work. With its largest office in Texas, V&E’s southern hospitality shines through at the firm and associates don’t shy away from an opportunity to socialize, both inside and outside the office. Through its market-leading approach, V&E has been tackling some of the...

Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2023)

500 - 750


No. of Partners Named (2023)



Featured Rankings

Vault Law 100


No. of 1st Year Associates Hired (2023)



No. of Summer Associates (2023)

163 total (93 2Ls; 70 1Ls)


Base Salary

Base Salary (2023)

Vault Verdict

Vinson & Elkins’ foundation in Texas permeates who it is, from top-notch work in energy sectors to a notably hospitable firm culture. The hiring process emphasizes graduates of T14 and Texas law schools, with good grades, journal and clerkship experience, and well-rounded, pleasant candidates. People are friendly and laid back at work and at social events, while partners are approachable, solicit and provide feedback, and care about associates’ development. Formal training and mentorship programs are helpful, but more beneficial is the hands-on guidance associates receive from senior attorneys. Better organization and efforts would be nice when orienting lateral hires. Work assignments range from basic to substantive and cutting edge, with additional responsibilities avail...

Firm's Response

Vinson & Elkins provides deep legal experience in handling sophisticated transactions, investments, projects, and disputes worldwide and the firm is a trusted adviser to clients in the most important financial, industrial, and digital industries. With more than 700 lawyers working across 11 offices, V&E is highly regarded f...

About the Firm

Founded in Houston in 1917, this Texas-based institution built its name as one of the most vital energy law firms. Today, Vinson & Elkins is a trusted adviser to clients in the most important industrial and digital industries, such as renewable energy, technology, banking/finance, M&A/private equity, real estate, media, complex litigation, and tax. 

A Dynamic Centenarian

V&E is a diverse partnership and team of professionals, solving problems and creating opportunities for clients in their transactions, investments, projects, and disputes in 12 offices across the globe. In 2021, the firm celebrated the 50th anniversary of its London office—making it one of the oldest U.S. law firms with a continuous presence in the city. Its New York City office has also se...

Associate Reviews

  • “Virtually everybody, lawyers and staff alike, are unbelievably supportive, friendly, and collaborative. The culture is laid back in that V&E does not make it difficult to have a family and social life separate from the firm, which I greatly appreciate.”
  • “V&E is incredibly unique in terms of firm culture. Associates in my practice group are friends not only at work, but outside as well. The firm has created an environment that is not at all cutthroat, but rather collegial and supportive. Associates who do well here are ingrained in the culture, and are those who actively pursue relationships beyond the workplace.”
  • “Day-to-day is very positive and collaborative. We have an open-door policy that is followed across the board. I really like my coworkers, and we hang out often, both at firm-sponsored events and just as people. We are all super friendly and kind. There is no yelling, and people who are more senior always give credit to the juniors where credit is due, both to partners and clients.”
  • “The day-to-day atmosphere is very warm and friendly. While the sense of professionalism is still strong, there is an ease to communicating with coworkers that translates well in social situations. The relationship between staff and lawyers is strong, which makes the office a more comfortable and supportive environment in general.”

Why Work Here

Diversity at Vinson & Elkins

"Having diverse teams in an inclusive environment at V&E means that we are able to leverage the power of different perspectives and ideas to provide the best solutions and service to our clients. With purposeful involvement from top leadership and active allies across our firm, V&E's inclusion efforts are focused on solutions that allow us to attract, retain, and promote the best and brightest lawyers. V&E's Chairman and Managing Partner are personally involved and oversee our global diversity initiatives, integrating inclusion into how we..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “I think we are one of the most competitive positions in the market that I am in. Grades are important, so you will have to do well, but I get the impression that personality fit is the most important thing. We have a pretty cohesive culture, and it seems like the people making the hiring decisions are deliberate about ensuring that remains the case. We work long and stressful hours sometimes, so I think we put a lot of stock in hiring people that will be pleasant to work with when the hours get long.”
  • “Based on who works here, it seems pretty competitive. Texas law schools and T14 schools are well represented.”
  • “The firm looks for interesting candidates, and those who have a demonstrated ability to do well in law school (i.e., with GPA cutoffs), but that are well-rounded individuals. The firm recognizes that not everyone may know what area they want to practice in, and that is OK.”
  • “We are looking for talented and motivated people who embrace the social and collegial workplace atmosphere. Sure, law school, journal, clerking, etc., all matter, but no single thing is determinative (source: I'm on the recruiting committee).”

Perks & Benefits

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