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A leader in bankruptcy and restructuring, Weil is an all-around legal superstar with a name that will shine on any resume. The firm is a good fit for team players who enjoy socializing and aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and work hard.

Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2024)

1K - 1.5K


No. of Partners Named (2023)



Featured Rankings

Vault Law 100


No. of 1st Year Associates Hired (2023)



No. of Summer Associates (2024)

128 total (111 2Ls; 17 1Ls)


Base Salary

1st year: $225,000

Vault Verdict

Associates are attracted to Weil for the prestigious corporate and litigation work—and much more. Grades are important in the competitive hiring process, but so are personality and fit. Firm settings are warm, welcoming, and collegial, and people care for each other and understand the importance of work-life balance. Partners are respectful to and supportive of associates, though firm communication could be more transparent. Formal and on-the-job training is solid, with regular opportunities for feedback, and associate and partner mentors are helpful. Substantive and challenging work is assigned early on, and people are quick to support associates and answer questions. Assignments are distributed somewhat evenly, with experience, ability, and availability affecting how some are do...

About the Firm

A powerhouse in restructuring, M&A, private equity, and litigation, Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP has long been one of the world’s leading law firms. The firm has pioneered major areas of law, such as corporate governance, private equity, and bankruptcy and restructuring.

To New York and Beyond

Weil was founded in New York in 1931 and has been located in New York’s iconic General Motors Building since the building opened in 1968, overlooking the city’s playground, Central Park. With approximately 1,100 lawyers, the firm has offices spanning three continents and six countries, and it continues to be one of the highest-grossing law firms in the world.

Restructured Thinking

Weil fields one of the most respected ...

Associate Reviews

  • “Weil is a warm and comfortable place to work. People know each other personally and care a lot about their colleagues both at and outside of work. It's social but not ‘fratty,’ and people balance investing in time with coworkers but also prioritizing family time outside of work.”
  • “Considerate of personal events and family obligations. Partners in my group will step in to do more junior work to help associates that need time for important family events. The firm is generally extroverted and likes to socialize outside of work. Invites colleagues to weddings. Day to day, people are chatting in the hallways and in each others’ offices.”
  • “Positive energy, teamwork, collegiality, professionalism, high standards of professionalism, open-door atmosphere, employer cares about quality of life and work-life balance notwithstanding exceptionally high expectations and large amounts of work all the time.”
  • “I did not believe in differing firm cultures until I worked at Weil and heard about my friends' experience at other firms. Weil has a true policy of being kind and understanding toward one another. Our profession can be stressful, but Weil attorneys I work with have the similar mindset that we should help each other make it as stress free as possible.”

Why Work Here

When you join Weil, you are not just getting a job – you are launching a career. You will work together with Weil colleagues, and partner with clients to hone your skills as a business lawyer. In doing so, you will be building capabilities that can take you in many different professional directions. You will also have access to robust training and professional development programs.

Diversity at Weil

"Inclusion is in our DNA. Since its founding, Weil has held diversity and inclusion as a core value of our firm since Frank Weil, Sylvan Gotshal and Horace Manges found many doors closed to them because of their religious beliefs. Over the following 85 years, as we have become a global firm, these principles have been a cornerstone for our growth and success. Our pioneering attitude towards diversity led us to embark on a series of "firsts" for the legal profession from conducting a diversity assessment in 1992 to creating a formal..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “… Once a candidate has been selected to interview, the focus is on identifying candidates who are smart and articulate, have a good personality, and appear to be individuals who would work well on a team and would be diligent and responsible. Prior work experience is a plus. The firm does annual interview training for personnel involved in the recruiting program and distributes written guidelines to follow.”
  • “Pretty similar criteria to other similar firms; top schools/above average grades or regional schools/top grades is probably the most common characterization. Strong emphasis on diversity in hiring. No particular trend toward prior work experience or particular schools.”
  • “Grades are important as they show whether a candidate is able to do the job that they are asked to do at our firm. We also want to know that a candidate is enthusiastic about the kind of work we do and that the candidate is normal and a good fit. These are the three most important things that every great firm, including Weil, is looking for.”
  • “Our office specifically is looking for not just high-achieving students, but also ones who fit in with our culture. Everyone here is nice and respectable, and we are looking for someone who also can be a nice team player.”

Perks & Benefits

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