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Look up “global law firm” in the thesaurus, and you’ll find White & Case. A leader in cross-border work, the firm works across two dozen practice areas. The firm is home to a truly diverse team of lawyers and boasts a top-down commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace.

Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2024)

2.5K - 3K


No. of Partners Named (2024)



Featured Rankings

Vault Law 100


No. of 1st Year Associates Hired (2024)



No. of Summer Associates (2024)

81 total (66 2Ls; 15 1Ls)


Base Salary

1st year: $225,0002nd year: $235,0003rd year: $260,0004th...

Vault Verdict

Truly one of the most “international” law firms in the world, White & Case takes real pride not only in its global footprint but also its global culture. As a result, although hiring is quite competitive, the firm places a premium on qualities such as multilingualism and sincere interest in internationally-oriented work. Once in, associates praise the firm’s welcoming and accommodating culture, in which socializing is abundant but not expected or forced, and office interactions are highly professional and friendly. Associates deeply appreciate how hands-on many partners are, as well as the firm’s relatively high level of transparency. Being BigLaw, the hours are generally long, which can be exacerbated by working with so many international clients—but this tradeoff is unde...

About the Firm

Founded at the dawn of the 20th century, White & Case has grown from its New York beginnings to become a truly global law firm. The firm has 44 offices across 30 countries—including eight in the U.S.—and is well known for its experience handling cross-border and multi-jurisdictional cases and transactions.

Big Apple Roots

Using their own savings, Justin DuPratt White and George B. Case opened their eponymous firm in downtown Manhattan in 1901, profiting quickly thanks to their relationship with Henry P. Davison, a prominent financier who became a senior partner at JP Morgan & Company. White & Case also advised White’s alma mater, Cornell University. In 1926, the firm opened its first foreign office in Paris—the beginning of the firm’s international expansion tha...

Associate Reviews

  • “The firm is quite social, and as associates, we often organize both formal and informal social events, including dinners and happy hours and sporting events.”
  • “It can vary by office in terms of culture. New York associates and partners socialize regularly (several times per month). In Boston, similarly, associates and partners regularly socialize, though the culture is less oriented towards going ‘out’ (maybe once per month). Day-to-day atmosphere is collegial and friendly, but everyone works hard during the day.”
  • “Most of the firm is highly social and extroverted, yet there are plenty of attorneys who prefer to do their own thing, and that is perfectly acceptable with the firm's culture.”
  • “It varies from practice group to practice group. While some groups may be very social, others are more focused on finishing work and spending time with their family. Each group does have their own social events, and the firm does have firmwide events as well. Lawyers and staff get along well.”

Why Work Here

Being truly global is not just a buzzword at White & Case. Associates have the opportunity to work with clients and colleagues from around the world on a daily basis.

Diversity at White & Case

"As a truly global law firm, with people of diverse backgrounds who speak 88 different languages and work in 44 offices located in 30 countries around the world, diversity and inclusion for White & Case is not a choice—it is a professional imperative. Over the years, we have been widely recognized as a top firm for diversity with innovative best practice approaches, but that recognition is not why we value our diversity. We value our diversity because it is essential to who we are and our ability to best serve our equally diverse..."

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm looks for candidates with strong professional and law school backgrounds, and particularly candidates with a global mindset. While there are feeder schools, the firm hires candidates from a wide variety of law schools, and once practicing at the firm, there is no differential treatment for any associate depending on what school the associate attended.”
  • “The firm hires from top and well-known law schools, and appreciates students with international backgrounds/international interest/diverse backgrounds of any kind. Journal experience is not mandatory. Prior work experience is highly valued. Personality fit is a big factor because the firm favors people who are open to high diversity [with] high EQ to work well in teams. ..."
  • “I think the firm takes a holistic approach. Overall, we look for excellent candidates before anything else. We emphasize hiring from top schools that are feeder schools, but do not limit our hiring to those feeder schools. We value diversity in all senses. We have training for lawyers who interview candidates, and guidelines that try to make hiring as objective as possible.”

Perks & Benefits

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