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Wolf Greenfield is an IP-focused midsize firm based in Boston, with additional offices in New York and Washington, DC. The firm covers all aspects of IP, from patent prosecution through post-grant proceedings at the Patent Office, International Trade Commission litigation, and litigation before all levels of the federal courts. Most attorneys at the firm have degrees from multiple educational fields, with almost all having backgrounds in engineering or science and over half having worked in those fields before coming to the law.

Firm Stats


Total No. Attorneys (2024)

100 - 150


No. of Partners Named (2023)



Featured Rankings

Top 150 Under 150


No. of 1st Year Associates Hired (2024)



No. of Summer Associates (2024)

9 total (6 2Ls; 3 1Ls)


Base Salary

1st year: $215,000

Vault Verdict

If you want to do IP work in Boston, Wolf, Greenfield, & Sacks may be one of your best bets. The culture is very pleasant and professional, with no strong divisions between attorneys and staff. Partners and associates have good relationships with each other, although some aspects of firm operations are fairly opaque at the associate level. The firm’s billable hour requirement is 1,800, with an additional 200 non-billable hours required as well. The salary is near-market and bonuses are somewhat below, but when compared to the billable requirement, this is viewed as worth the trade. Work is diverse, substantive, and challenging, and technology is innovative and very enabling of the firm’s hybrid work model. The firm offers many wellness perks, although some attorneys feel t...

About the Firm

One of the most reputable firms in Boston, Wolf Greenfield has made a name for itself as an IP powerhouse. With over 100 attorneys, Wolf Greenfield is known for its work in patent litigation on technology matters. The firm has kept to the East Coast with an office in Beantown, one in the Big Apple, and one in DC.

IP Roots

Wolf Greenfield was founded in 1927 by patent attorney Ezekiel Wolf in Boston. In its first decades, clients included famed electrical engineer Andrew Alford and radio pioneer Reginald Fessenden. The firm is no stranger to making history, and over the years, has had its hand in some of the most important IP developments. In 1961, the firm successfully argued Aro Manufacturing Co. v. Convertible Top, now known as the seminal Supreme Court case covering the doctrine of ...

Associate Reviews

  • “Firm culture is warm, friendly, and professional. We have monthly firm-sponsored events and various social events throughout the year. Lawyers and staff interact regularly and without any distinction.”
  • “Firm continuously reviews ways in which it can foster a positive and engaging culture. Weekly trainings, monthly lunch meetings, strong mentorship program, quarterly parties, etc.”
  • “Everyone at the firm is very kind and emphatic to one another. Good feelings and attitudes among staff and legal professionals.”
  • “Everyone is very kind and helpful. I have learned not to be shy about reaching out if I need help or have a question. Shareholders and senior associates will often let you figure things out on your own, but they are happy to step in if needed. Most people come into the office a few days a week and chat when they run into each other in the hallways. As more people come back into the office, firm social events are pretty well attended. There are lunches and events most weeks, and people will catch up before and after the event if there is a presentation.”

Why Work Here

A proud tradition of excellence in IP

For over 80 years, Wolf Greenfield has offered its clients a level of expertise matched by few other firms. Like the inventors and innovators we serve, we have backgrounds as engineers, scientists, and specialists in fields as diverse as biotechnology, computer science, mechanical engineering, and countless other areas of science. Our unitary focus on intellectual property has proven to be advantageous. Wolf Greenfield attorneys genuinely believe IP to be the most exciting field in the legal industry, and we value our interactions with clients whose inventions, products, and services are changing the world for the better. As a firm, we make sure our attorneys' commitment and dedication is matched by a rich infrastructure designed and refined with the practice of IP law in mind. With over eight decades of IP experience behind us, we understand intellectual property - its subtleties, intricacies, and how best to serve our clients' IP needs - on a level other firms can only hope to achieve.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Our firm recruits primarily engineers and scientists and therefore focuses a lot on high performing east coast universities (e.g., MIT, Harvard, Brown, etc.). We primarily look for strong science and engineering credentials, as well as strong leadership skills. The firm allows a lot of independence, so there is an expectation for an ability to manage your own work and complete tasks in a timely manner. There are guidelines for all interviews.”
  • “The firm is incredibly competitive when it comes to hiring. Most interview processes begin with an interview with [a member] of the practice group and [can] end up being 3 rounds of interviews, ending with a panel interview by the hiring committee. The firm looks to work experience, specialty interest, diversity, and personality—they're looking for team players and kind, hard-working lawyers without ego. The firm feeds from Boston schools and Fordham.”
  • “Multiple rounds of interviews and was one of the longer hiring processes I encountered in my search for a new role. The firm appears to be looking for highly technical, yet socially engaging individuals who can both do the substantive work product and engage positively with clients and prospective clients. Firm seems to be concerned more with grades, prior work experience, and personality over law school attended or journal experience.”

Perks & Benefits

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