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As a hub for economic and litigation consulting specialists, Analysis Group is a rare creature in the consulting world: a firm that is all but immune to the vagaries of the business cycle. As long as there is a need to estimate economic losses and damages and conduct statistical analyses (among other things), there will be a demand for Analysis Group’s services. As a result, it maintains a very stable employee base and recruits at all levels of educational attainment, from those fresh out of undergrad to Ph.D. holders—provided, of cour...

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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50 North America


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Amanda Giunta, Head of Recruiting

Vault Verdict

With a reputation for high quality work in a highly academic environment, Analysis Group insiders sometimes present their firm as more of a lifestyle choice than an employer. To be clear: that’s a good thing. For those with the chops to handle the due diligences and complicated economic analyses, there are few outfits in the industry that come close to taking care of their employees as this firm.

One of the most impressive features of a career at the firm is the amount of time and care that goes into development opportunities: not only does this firm provide consultants with training and almost daily access to top experts who are even willing to serve as mentors, it also has a program to sponsor junior consultants’ grad school studies.

For those...

About the Company

Analysis Group provides expertise in economics, finance, health care analytics, and strategy to top law firms, Fortune Global 500 companies, global health care corporations, and government agencies. Much of the firm’s work is grounded in economic analysis – whether that involves a quantitative assessment related to litigation, quantifying the impact of disease on the economy, or developing a model for a client’s corporate strategic plan.

Analysis Group has provided litigation support for lawyers at more than 500 global law firms and has consulted to general counsel and senior executives at a number of Fortune 100 companies. The firm also has a robust health care practice.

For law firms, Analysis Group’s consultants help with a range of tasks, including pretrial discovery, development of economic and financial mode...

Employee Reviews

  • “AG is and has been my second home/family for over a decade.”

  • “Even with all of its flaws, Analysis Group is the best place I’ve worked, and the most academic setting that I’ve ever been in. It’s the only job where I have consistently felt challenged and have never grown bored. It has introduced me to so many new people and perspectives on healthcare, which is the industry I’m most passionate about. I have full confidence that after working here I can take on any job as well as higher education, whether it is an MBA or JD or PhD.”

  • “For many partners, this is the only place they have ever worked. People make enormous progress in their careers and very few leave.”

  • “It comes down to the people. There are a lot of kind and humble people here. Our work can be demanding, but we can always lean on each other for support. If I'm going through a tough time, there is always at least someone I feel comfortable opening up to. I've built many great relationships here, including friendships that I hope will last even after some of us leave the firm. I'm not sure if I'll be able to have such a great support network in a different firm.”

  • “The work itself is great, and the people are smart. The career can be a grind, but if you kind of like the grind, it can be very satisfying.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Creative, independent, and self-motivated. We want folks who could either get a PhD in economics, or people who could get an MBA, but love math. Looking for careful thinkers with a lot of curiosity.”

  • “Our ideal candidate is well-rounded, possessing both the technical skills for the quantitative work and soft skills to be a good team player who we'll enjoy working with. Because we are in a niche industry, someone who demonstrates that they understand and are keen on what we do is also important.”

  • “The ideal candidate will have evidence of being smart, resourceful, and hard working. Evidence of being able to collaborate well is also very important.”

  • “There are usually two rounds of interviews. The ideal candidate thinks like an economist and is curious, very smart, and can think like a statistician.”

  • “We have a coffee chat. An initial interview and then four back-to-back interviews each focused on analyzing a different quality (data analysis and research experience, communication, teamwork, and general). Our ideal candidate can code in multiple languages, has conducted research independently and as part of a team, has good oral and written communication, has knowledge of the firm and multiple practice areas, pays attention to detail, and is receptive to feedback.”

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