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Archery Strategy Consulting offers expert advice to executives in areas including growth strategy, M&A, organizational and process improvement, market differentiation, and more. Headquartered in Paris, the firm serves clients in three main sectors: Aerospace, Defense & Security; Energy; and Transportation & Logistics.

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Vault Consulting 25 EMEA


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Marlène Travers


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Stéphane Albernhe

Vault Verdict

Insiders at Archery paint a picture of a firm with a vibrant culture, specialized focus, and genuine commitment to fostering meaningful work-life balance. They express particular praise for their firm’s stimulating environment, where professionals are engaged in meaningful projects alongside a supportive and collaborative team.

Like any firm, Archery also has its challenges: long working hours being perhaps the most significant for insiders (hence the aforementioned focus on work-life balance). But a measure of how it treats employees can be found in Archery's transparent compensation structure and meritocratic approach to career development. Both further enhance its appeal as an employer, making it an attractive choice for those passionate about contributing...

About the Company

Founded beginning 2013, Archery Strategy Consulting is a Top Management Consulting firm focused on 3 sectors: Aerospace-Defence-Security, Transportation-Logistics, Energy-Environment.

Archery addresses a wide range of high stakes topics: growth and value chain positioning strategy, M&A, organization and process efficiency, cost competitiveness and differentiation.

Archery, with now 45 employees in Paris, a branch in Toulouse, an office in Frankfurt and a Digital subsidiary (Archery Data & Analytics).

Employee Reviews

  • "A company with a strong focus on the defense, aerospace, energy, and PE sectors, enabling you to rapidly acquire recognized expertise in these fields.”
  • "Firm's culture is unique: a blend of camaraderie, team-spirit, and professional rigor in the delivery."
  • "If you are curious, proactive, and passionate about Large Projects industries: apply!"
  • " Perfect boutique to work on C-level problematic in industries in a very pleasant environment.”
  • "You're not treated like a number in a database, a resource to be used and discarded once the mission is over. The human side is stronger than elsewhere, I think."

Getting Hired Here

  • "Archery likes candidates with autonomy and initiative. We like to give responsibility and exposure to the team, so we like it when they make the best out of it.”
  • "It is looking for a candidate coming from top French engineer or business school, willing to learn about Archery's sector."
  • "Reactivity: Once a CV has been screened, the candidate is called within the week."
  • "Usually 3 rounds, with 2 interviews per round - reactive call back process by HR."
  • "Warm, fair, human. We care about equality of treatment throughout the recruiting process."

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