A growing life sciences firm, Blue Matter has gone from a single office to a global boutique in under a decade. This impressive growth has brought a number of consultants along for the ride, creating leadership opportunities for those with an entrepreneurial mindset.

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101-500 Employees


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Life sciences


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San Francisco, CA


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Individual satisfaction with most consulting firms comes down to three main elements: culture, salary and career growth. While the importance an individual consultant places on those elements will vary, positive sentiments toward all three tend to be present in firms with high retention rates.

Which brings us nicely to Blue Matter, a life sciences consulting shop that is getting rave reviews from insiders across all three of those categories. The firm is growing steadily—in the US and globally--and taking its consultants along for the trip. As a result, insiders have very few complaints about any aspect of life, and are especially delighted with the variety of strategy-focused engagements they have the opportunity to work on.

While it has a few ...

About the Company

Founded in 2012, Blue Matter is a specialized management consulting firm serving the life sciences industry. The firm maintains offices across the United States, Europe, and India.

Blue Matter works to help pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies "maximize value at the product, portfolio, and company levels." The firm's services include new product planning, launch strategy and management, commercial strategy for in-line products, market access strategy, corporate strategy, transaction support, and organizational design and development.

While most of Blue Matter’s work involves pre-launch and launch products, the firm does not exclusively focus there. Its clients include most of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies as well as a wide range of emerging and midsize pharma and biotech firms.<...

Employee Reviews

  • “Blue Matter engages with clients to get to the root of whatever their problem is and craft a tailored solution to that problem. It's exciting to be a part of projects and solutions that are unique and impactful. At previous firms I've felt like I was delivering something that was agreed upon but maybe not the most optimal solution.”
  • “For people working at Blue Matter, besides the culture, it is the types of projects set us apart. We primarily do strategy work, including launch strategy, molecule strategy, and portfolio strategy. It is interesting, fast-paced, and offers growth at every turn.”
  • “Quality and commitment to what we deliver to our clients. We want to make a difference with what we provide them; help them solve business issues, increase performance, develop a strategic partnership in them knowing we have their best interests in mind. And that they can take what we give them and turn it into some applicable and useful to their business and teams.”
  • “The culture at Blue Matter is second to none. My experience at Blue Matter has been a night-and-day improvement compared to my previous organization. It is so incredibly refreshing to be at an organization that takes such a strong interest in ensuring that their employees are in a positive mental state. Consulting is typically a field that burns through employees and factors a high turnover rate into their business model. At Blue Matter, that isn't the case, and a strong emphasis is put into ensuring that this be a sustainable career, and that its employees grow with the organization.”
  • “We bring real biotech / life sciences industry expertise to the table across all project team members. Other firms often just have 1-2 team members on the project who have meaningful life sciences experience, and the rest of the team is often more junior and still learning the industry. Blue Matter hires people who excel in terms of intellectual horsepower, and also have deep industry expertise. This results in us consistently delivering high quality work and has led to rapid growth. Many of our clients have moved from competitor consulting firms to working more or exclusively with us after only a couple of projects, as the difference is quickly noticeable. Our teams often have several people staffed on the project who are significantly more experienced than our clients and bring strong value to the table.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Blue Matter is seeking individuals with life science education / experience (specifically prior consulting experience), but who most importantly would be a good fit personally / culturally with the firm.”
  • “Fairly standard consulting interview process with initial phone screen followed by in-depth case interview and experience/interest conversations with senior team members and potential colleagues. We are looking for individuals who understand the pharma/biotech industry, are creative strategic thinkers and can communicate effectively.”
  • “Life sciences educational background, some prior life sciences consulting experience (most cases), ability to think both analytically and creatively, desire to contribute to the firm beyond project work (e.g., support positive culture, participate in internal initiative, mentor junior team members).”
  • “Our interview and callback process is smooth and clear. We are seeking candidates who are self-starters, desire to produce excellent quality work, and are enjoyable to work with.” 
  • “The hiring process starts with a phone screening, and then a preliminary case question with a manager / associate principal. Then there is an extended case interview with two managers / associate principals. This is followed by a strictly personality-based interview with a partner, and a panel interview with 5-7 consultants, where the applicant shares a presentation on something they are passionate about. The ideal candidate is someone who is competent enough to deliver to Blue Matter's standard and shows the capacity to grow with the organization. Additionally, a strong candidate would want to bring their personality with them and mesh well with the organization.”

Perks & Benefits

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