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CBPartners is a global strategy consulting firm focusing on issues for a variety of biopharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, and government health authorities. The firm serves a variety of clients ranging from global pharma...

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51-100 Employees


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Value, Access, & Pricing


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New York, NY, US


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Amy Byer - Human Resources Manager

Vault Verdict

Boasting a youthful, vibrant culture and a global presence, CBPartners is an appealing proposition for anyone seeking to launch a career in the healthcare consulting space. While work-life balance can be a challenge, insiders love the growth opportunities and sense of constant challenge, as well as the close-knit, collegial environment. Those seeking an employer that takes diversity seriously should note that CBPartners insiders tend to speak highly of the firm’s approach. Equal treatment seems to apply when it comes to compensation too, with the only complaint about this aspect of life at the firm being that there is a certain amount of rigidity when it comes to remuneration. This aside, the firm largely gets approving comments from its employees and seems set to be one to watch ...

About the Company

CBPartners was founded in 2012 with a mission to help pharmaceutical companies worldwide increase patient access to cutting-edge drugs and therapies. The firm provides strategic guidance to Fortune 500 multinational biopharmaceutical companies on a variety of commercial, clinical, and policy issues spanning 90+ countries. Clients include biopharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, and government health authorities, including ministries of health in emerging markets.

With a continuous throughput of local market intelligence updates from advisors throughout 75 countries, CBPartners' expertise spans the full lifecycle of discovery/development, licensing/product launch, and government policy. 

The firm has three practice areas:


Employee Reviews

  • “CBPartners is a firm where you are asked to learn new things and build new skills every day. Our teams work closely with each other and with clients, including across our global offices. If you have a passion for challenges facing the healthcare world and want to work in a team-based environment, then it can be the right place for you.”
  • “Engaging work in a team-focused environment on key issues facing healthcare systems around the world.”
  • “Great culture and team with intellectually stimulating work that will keep you engaged and interested.”
  • “I think at our firm, every employee feels recognized. We are small enough to all be able to know each other and make an impact on the firm as a whole, and our cohesive and collaborative nature is extremely unique.”
  • “The small firm culture and ability to learn about the healthcare industry if you take the opportunity are the best parts of CBPartners.”
  • “This is not a coasting role -- go to a big name if you want to sit on the beach or be siloed in a single competency. If you're willing to work hard, you will succeed at CBPartners.”
  • “Try to gain experience in pharmaceutical consulting prior to applying for a job (e.g., through an internship) to maximise your employment opportunities and ensure it is a good fit for you.”
  • “We are a hard-working and nimble group that works to meet and exceed our clients’ needs as they pertain to identifying and finding solutions to their challenges in bringing innovative medicines to the marketplace.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Candidates go through one-to-one interviews either virtually or on-campus before proceeding to a 4-5 hour interview where they meet team members across a range of levels. There are three case interviews of various formats that evaluate analysis, critical thinking, and communication skills. We are generally looking for anyone passionate about healthcare (through their studies or extracurricular activities) and have strong critical thinking, organization, and communication skills.”
  • “Hard-working with strong critical thinking skills. A good fit with company culture is also a must.”
  • “Our firm is seeking an individual from a top tier university that is specifically interested in joining CBPartners. The most important aspect in screening candidates is whether or not their cover letter demonstrates a clear interest in joining our team, as opposed to a template letter for any healthcare consultancy.”
  • “The interview process consisted of an initial round of interviews with a manager, followed by another round of interviews with different employees and a case study presentation.”
  • “We aim to reply to all candidates in process within 2 weeks. Pipeline candidates are contacted if they are selected to move forward. We run semi-annual on-campus recruitment events at 20+ schools in the US and UK.”

Perks & Benefits

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