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A boutique in the government contracting space, Censeo is known as a work-life friendly company, making it the perfect choice for anyone looking for flexibility in their schedule while not compromising on the quality of assignments they get to work on. The firm offers strong on-the-job training as well as a close-knit, collegial environment.

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51-100 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Consulting 50 North America


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Information Technology Consulting


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Washington, D.C. (HQ)


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Riley Little - Talent Manager (Full-time and internships)

Vault Verdict

Within the government contracting field, there may be no firm with a stronger focus on employee wellness and work-life balance than Censeo. Which, as our rankings typically attest, put it pretty close to the top of the field for working conditions across the consulting industry as a whole.

While there are certainly opportunities to earn more at some competing firms, insiders are typically satisfied with compensation and benefits—which remain generous by most standard—particularly in relation to the firm’s more relaxed culture and standards around work-life balance.

Add in the relative stability of government contracting (there are rarely recessions in the public sector), and you have a pretty compelling proposition for those seeking stimulating ...

About the Company

Censeo Consulting Group specializes in strategy and operations, with a specific focus on mission-driven organizations. The firm tries to break away from the traditional consulting model by using its own business model, one that is based on three main principles: expertise and thought leadership, people and values-driven culture and tangible impact for clients. Censeo primarily works with clients in the public sector to dramatically improve organizational and operational performance, thereby strengthening their capacity to deliver more for every invested dollar. Depending on the client, this could translate to results from more effective and efficient operations, cost savings for major acquisitions, or a data and analytics infrastructure that allows for improved decision-making

Censeo Consulting Group has been recognized as one of t...

Employee Reviews

  • “A deep and genuine commitment to supporting the professional development, growth, and overall well-being of all staff.”

  • “Being consistently challenged with interesting work while being supported, included, and introduced to exciting opportunities.”<

  • “Early Career: This is a great place to learn the ropes, to feel valued, and to make connections.
    Mid-Career/Advanced Career: This could be a great place to take a breather and be in a positive environment, if you were previously in a toxic company. This is a great place to get away from the rat race and feel supported. If you are trying to climb higher, this could be a place for that, but you will need to be extremely self-motivated, as opportunities are not easily provided.”

  • “I left a big consulting firm to be part of an exciting small company that does amazing work and actually cares about its people.”

  • “The people are wonderful and committed to making the government and our society even just a little bit better. Plus, the environment is understanding and flexible, with a good work-life balance.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Candidates may go through up to 4 interviews, doing case studies. Talent typically calls/emails them with notification of the next round. We look for thinkers - people who bring new perspectives but are poised, articulate, and independent.”

  • “Censeo hires smart, well-educated, nice people. We have a good group of introverts with a helpful sprinkle of extroverts to keep things interesting. Cultural fit is very important, so we are unlikely to hire people who don't align with our collaborative, ‘one-team,’ supportive, accountable culture.”

  • “Fairly straightforward interview process, usually consisting of three rounds. I think the ideal candidate is someone they can tell is smart and adaptive enough to learn about the industry. You don't need prior knowledge of government consulting for the entry-level positions.”

  • “Junior staff are a mix of traditional consulting background (ivy league, recent graduate, econ degree) and nontraditional (e.g., non-profit experience, former teachers, or public policy background). It is nice that the firm is open to hiring smart, cooperative young people with diverse array of experiences.”

  • “Self-motivated individuals seeking a fast-paced work environment in which to grow.”

Perks & Benefits

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