ClearView is a boutique consulting firm in the life sciences field. The firm recently opened two new offices in Europe, formalizing its global footprint and underlining its experience across a variety of therapeutic areas and technologies. ClearView supports strategic decision-making and growth at the product, franchise, or corporate level across pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and diagnostics. ClearView's clients include a broad range of operating companies in the life sciences, from medical device and pharmaceuti...

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101-500 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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Licensing and acquisition support


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Newton, MA (HQ)


Employment Contact

Lainey Miller – Global Head of Talent Acquisition

Vault Verdict

ClearView appears to have been going from strength to strength recently, and is rapidly gaining a strong reputation—as well as an expanding global footprint—in the life sciences sector. As such, insiders remain ebullient about the firm’s outlook despite the gloomy picture for the wider economy.

As an employer, the firm offers rapid advancement opportunities, a positive, inclusive company culture, and the ability to manage work-life balance in a relatively sustainable manner. Throw in generous compensation and the ability to leverage hard science backgrounds in a business-oriented setting and you have a recipe for a firm that will appeal to many seeking to make the transition from academia to the corporate world.

About the Company

ClearView is a boutique consulting firm in the life sciences strategy field that provides advice and insights across four main areas of focus: pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, and diagnostics. Founded in 2007, the company has enjoyed exponential growth and is now well established, with a steady list of clients and strong demand for its services. 

The firm’s core strength is the specificity of its field: The needs of life sciences companies are unique and can't be served by just any consultant. The complexity of questions in the life sciences field requires consultants who understand the medical and scientific issues involved and their intersection with the business world. ClearView’s founding partners recognized a gap in the market and decided to create a firm based on their deep experience and expertise in...

Employee Reviews

  • “A rapid advancement opportunity for high performers that exceeds timelines of virtually any other firm. At the high end, 6-month promotion cycles are possible and fully demonstrated by top leadership at the firm.”
  • “ClearView has a great company culture. They host events every week ranging from happy hours to advocacy discussions. I love being a part of the team and have made some of my best friends through the job. In terms of work life balance, it is pretty good for the consulting industry. Being solo staffed allows one to better understand project scope and allocate their time efficiently.”
  • “ClearView is grounded in life science expertise, with most of its employees coming from a science/medical background. They hire extremely smart employees with strong experience.”
  • “Incorporation of scientific content into our project processes and recommendations. Ultimately, as a firm we are motivated by the science and the way we have designed a business model that enables our teams to go deep in the science not only makes the work more interesting but leads to more insightful recommendations for our clients.”
  • “We are a small-business vibe for a company growing at a rapid rate - people are invested in personal connections and the relationships between people are supportive collaborative (with leadership members focusing on getting to know junior team) despite larger company.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “ClearView invests time in interviewing each candidate, with recruiting teams and consulting team members conducting interviews.”
  • “CV looks for candidates who have a strong life science background, has organized / structured thought process, is creative in their thinking and able to communicate clearly. They are looking for team players who are able to receive and integrate constructive feedback and are eager to work longer days where needed.”
  • “I loved that ClearView's interview process was conducted very quickly and in a straightforward manner. Besides valuing strong mental aptitude, ClearView also ensures that new hires have the right personalities to fit into the firm's culture and work seamlessly with others.” 
  • “Seeking an individual with strong technical prowess combined with excellent business acumen. Callback process is based on demonstrating these exact skills through early interview instruments.”
  • “The interview process is currently being redesigned, so I cannot speak to current interviews as much. Ideally, a ClearViewer is personable and has a strong scientific background in addition to possessing the core consulting skills expected across the industry.”

Perks & Benefits

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