As a newer player in data advisory and implementation, DAS42 has set about quickly making a name for itself. As such, growth is strong at present, with plenty of client engagements and opportunities to work on firm-building initiatives into the bargain. With clear intent to become a scale player in the market, this is definitely one to watch—perhaps from the inside—in the years ahead.

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DAS42 is a company on a serious upswing right now. With a fresh round of funding fueling an explosion  in headcount, the firm is pulling in significant amounts of work, while simultaneously building its internal  structure and processes. All of that can be either exciting or intimidating, depending on your outlook,  with several insiders expressing concern about the longer-term impact on culture that these moves may  have. 

While technical acumen is an important component of any role at DAS42, insiders note that soft skills  are perhaps just as valuable for success at the firm. The reason: consultants actively engage with clients  to identify and implement solutions to their knottiest data-related issues. As such, those soft ski...

About the Company

Founded in 2015, DAS42 is a data analytics consulting firm that is built to unlock the potential hidden in  Fortune 500 companies’ data. The firm’s outlook revolves around its “FullStack philosophy”—an approach that combines organizational and tech structure to ensure that a company’s data can be shared and leveraged across the entire organization. The company is a Snowflake Elite partner and a Looker Advanced partner. 

Serving clients in industries as varied as AdTech, Healthcare and Financial Services, DAS42 brings a wealth of experience to any engagement—the firm’s consultants have backgrounds at digital-first  companies such as Jet.com, Uber and Amazon, as well as at legacy brands that have made large-scale digital transformations in recent years, including Kohler and CignaHealth.  


Employee Reviews

  • “An undying focus on continuing education and knowledge sharing. We firmly believe in the value of  supporting our employees in exploring new technologies and areas of interest even when they are  beyond our current services offerings. This is how we stay ahead of the competition and trends in  technology stack in the analytics industry.”
  • “Commitment to boutique culture versus traditional consulting model of focusing on hours and large  teams. Also a big commitment to training employees, which helps the company but also helps  employees learn and grow their skillsets for whatever they want to do in their career long-term. Proven  ability to provide the highest quality work/solutions to important clients.” 

  • “DAS42 provides great opportunities to learn and hone skills. It is a great workplace without the  restrictive culture of larger firms. There is an expectation that all employees will work hard and produce  results, which can make it stressful and drive unhealthy work habits (long hours, etc.), but these  drawbacks are not currently pervasive in the culture.”
  • “If you like designing and building data pipelines or interacting with any piece of the data stack (from  data engineering to reporting), there's no better group of people to work alongside and learn from.”
  • “This is not a programming role. You should be excited about helping clients using technology solutions  to help answer the most important questions. You will want to be skilled in programming languages but  soft skills will make you most successful here.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Hiring managers are in direct contact with the candidates they are interviewing. Job descriptions are  carefully crafted and communicated during the interview process. DAS42 aims to let respondents know  immediately if they are not proceeding in the hiring process. Those who do proceed are also notified of  next steps in a timely fashion. The firm also places a lot of value in its culture and is careful in its hiring  process to bring on employees that are team players and good people.” 

  • “I think in some cases we focus more on the culture fit than the skill fit. While this brings great people  on board all the time, sometimes we end up needing more time to onboard and train them. We are  always looking for data-minded people who love solving problems and are capable with primarily SQL  and some Python.”
  • “Interview process can take a few weeks due to scheduling and the included testing. Ideal candidate is  someone that is excited to learn new things, enjoys solving problems with technology, is consultative in  nature and enjoys working with teams/client.”
  • “We have a multi-touch interview process. It begins with a written application, then we do an initial  phone screen, then a technical test, and then final round interviews with senior members of the team.  The ideal candidate is someone who has some experience with SQL and python, is naturally curious,  loves solving difficult problems, has great communication skills, and isn't afraid to say ‘I don't know’.”

Perks & Benefits

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