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Eagle Hill is a family-run, woman-owned firm. The firm prides itself on “unconventional consulting”: an outside-the-box, “living lab” approach to client engagement. Innovative ideas and creative solutions are tested and validated within the firm before being brought to market, which puts people at the heart of the process and measures the real impact of business strategies before they are proposed to clients. The result is a working environment that encourages boldness and experimentation.

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101-500 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50 North America


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Strategy & Performance


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Arlington, VA (HQ)


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Sarah McElwain, Recruiting Director

Vault Verdict

Eagle Hill celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2023, and it shows no signs of slowing down as a business—or of moderating its unconventional approach to operating within the consulting industry. And why should it? The firm is consistently rated highly by its employees as a place to build and maintain a meaningful, rewarding career, with a focus on work-life balance that certainly fits that “unconventional” tag—especially compared to the rest of the industry.

In a tough year for many firms, insiders note that Eagle Hill’s strong focus on the federal government saw it through unscathed—although firm leaders will no doubt be watching the threats and promises made throughout the upcoming Presidential election with interest.

After two decades of conti...

About the Company

Billing itself as a "family-run, woman-owned company," Eagle Hill Consulting serves clients in  sectors that span federal, state & local government; public service; nonprofit; financial services; health and life sciences; and technology, media, and entertainment. With offices in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Boston, MA and Seattle, WA, the firm offers a range of consulting services that includes strategy, organizational performance, talent, and change management.

Having recently celebrated its 20th year in business, Eagle Hill still manages to stand out from the crowd in a number of ways—starting with its "unconventional consulting" tagline. The firm has picked up numerous awards as an employer and for the quality of its work and highlights the unconventional career paths of its employees ...

Employee Reviews

  • “300+ employees but still feels like a small firm. We still treat every problem uniquely and value every person for their contributions to their project and to the firm.”

  • “Employees are given opportunities right away to take on responsibility and are shown that their previous experience - particularly non-consulting experience - is valued. The company does a great job of empowering each project team to take chances and be creative in their project delivery, which makes the work more exciting and interesting.”

  • “There's a shared understanding at this firm that people matter and have lives in and outside of work. Even though there are many hardworking people here - and I work more hours than I'd like - I feel heard if I'm unhappy or facing a challenge. Leadership is engaged and caring and that trickles down to all employees.”

  • “You will be valued, treated fairly, and always encouraged to grow. This is not a toxic workplace. It may seem strange that so many people are so completely satisfied with their jobs, but it is real and Eagle Hill does care.”

Why Work Here

Why work at Eagle Hill Consulting? Let our people count the (unconventional) ways. You’ll find: we recruit for cultural fit, not just for the role. An empowering environment that encourages employees to present new ideas and see them through. A group of bright, diverse, and driven people from different backgrounds. Watch the video to hear more from the consultants who make Eagle Hill a welcoming, collaborative, and fun place to work.

Getting Hired Here

  • “A percentage of applicants reach the interview process, which currently means an interview with two current firm members (a combination of a manager-level or higher and one other person, either an associate-level employee or a peer). The interviews have been updated over the past few years to take less time, offer more breaks, and put less pressure on the candidates by asking a large number of questions. Post-interview, there might be a follow-up interview with another person at the firm at the firm's request, OR the candidate might be on the fence once receiving an offer and can request having a ‘peer call’ with someone at the firm who can answer their questions. I believe the firm's ideal candidate is someone who can critically think through and solve problems regardless of educational and professional background; someone who has emotional intelligence and can work in teams and independently; and someone who is flexible and adaptable within the firm and with clients. Also, the firm has a familiar, friendly, and collaborative environment, so the firm expects its employees to be inclusive and supportive of colleagues and clients.”

  • “Eagle Hill looks for people who are curious and passionate about consulting. As a smaller firm, they seek out experienced hires from larger firms and their junior hires usually come from outside consulting.”

  • “If you make it through the initial screening, you have a dual interview with two staff members which is a long interview but a great way for the interviewers to learn about the candidate and the interviewee to learn about the company. The ideal candidate is someone with at least two years of professional experience in any field and open to learning.”

  • “… [Applicants can expect an initial] a phone screen interview. If someone moves forward, they are interviewed by 2 EHC employees (similar to the phone interview questions) and if the interview goes well they will be offered employment. If there are any other questions around someone's competency, they will be interviewed one more time to explore those competency gaps. The whole process usually takes 3 weeks. The ideal candidate is someone who scores high on the competency matrix. There are some competencies that are vital and others that are weighted less because they can easily be taught over time.”

  • “Very consistent communication. I was in the recruitment and hiring process for less than one month.”

Perks & Benefits

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