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Edgeworth Economics is an economic and quantitative consulting firm. They specialize in antitrust, class certification, intellectual property, and labor and employment. Their in-house economists provide solutions to their clients that are rooted in the rigorous application of economic principles and hard data.

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101-500 Employees


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Best Consulting Firms for Economic Consulting


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Antitrust & Competition


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Washington, D.C. (HQ)


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Megan Lown - Human Resources Manager

Vault Verdict

 In recent years, Edgeworth has carved out a nice spot for itself in a competitive corner of the consulting industry, and the firm has been growing at a steady clip. As such, it represents a solid opportunity for anyone interested in economic and litigation consulting to start a career and become grounded in the fundamentals of the industry.

Insiders are generally positive about life at the firm and its outlook for the foreseeable future. Indeed, the company seems to have no shortage of engagements at present—a fact that tends to be supported in this industry (as in this case) by references to long hours in our survey responses. Occasional work-life balance issues aside, however, Edgeworth’s employees report very few issues with life at the company. Definite...

About the Company

Edgeworth Economics is an economic and quantitative consulting firm that provides economic analysis and expert testimony for clients facing complex litigation, regulatory, and other challenges involving antitrust, class certification, intellectual property, and labor and employment. Edgeworth’s expert economists, statisticians, data analysts, and other professionals assist clients with innovative solutions rooted in the rigorous application of economic principles and hard data. Organizations including leading law firms, Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies in North America and China rely on Edgeworth Economics to help them navigate through their most critical legal disputes and other challenges. 

Operating out of offices in Washington, DC, Pasadena, San Francisco, and Toronto, the firm is led by Co-founder Dr. John H. ...

Employee Reviews

  • “Collaboration is our strength. People are willing to help each other and management is very effective and responsive. It is the opposite of a big corporate.”
  • “Edgeworth is a good starting point for people who want to learn the discipline and craft of efficiently handling, managing, and analyzing data.”
  • “Edgeworth is still young and growing. It might not be the biggest name in the consulting field, but there is a lot of room to grow. The smaller office provides a collaborative culture where colleagues are friendly and supportive of each other. Management is great.”
  • “I can't speak directly to other consulting companies, but if you want to be challenged intellectually, learn a lot, and work in a very fun collaborative culture on high stakes economic matters, this is for you. This is not a job for people who want to punch a clock and do the same type of work each day. Almost every case is different and has a different set of problems to figure out. This means it can be challenging, but also quite enjoyable and stimulating.”
  • “Make sure you understand the difference between management consulting, which is done in a business context, and economic consulting, which is primarily legal work. We spend a lot of time and effort getting calculations to match up to 0.00001% precision, something that is useless in a business context but imperative (for some reason) in litigation.”
  • “The consulting profession is demanding, but the culture and the ability to learn from multiple colleagues at all levels of the organization are rewarding.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “A typical full-round interview includes initial HR resume screening, phone interview with an HR person and a consultant, on-site interviews with several consultants/partners which includes a case interview. The decision is made after the debrief with all the people involved. The ideal candidate should have experience with data/quantitative analysis, be detail-oriented, would like to take initiatives, and has good communication skills.”
  • “First round on campus or phone, second round super day in the office. We are looking for candidates who excel at critical thinking and are skilled at solving problems with their qualitative and quantitative skills.”
  • “The interview process focuses on determining a candidate's interest in economic consulting, quantitative and research proficiency, and culture fit. An ideal candidate has a strong background in economics and is detail-oriented, patient, internally driven to perform at a high level, good at working with others, positive, excels at thinking through complex problems, and technically proficient.”
  • “We seek people who are positive, team-oriented, and also curious about new markets. People who are good at seeing different markets through the lens of a clear and industry-agnostic economic model are also very valuable.”
  • “When a great candidate is interviewed, a decision on an offer may be made that same day.”

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