Executive Insight is a specialized healthcare consultancy that advises pharmaceutical and biotech companies as they prepare, launch, and commercialize their products—from strategy to implementation. The firm supports market access, marketing, and sales teams across a number of therapeutic areas in specialty and primary care in Europe, emerging markets, and beyond.

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51-100 Employees


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Pharmaceutical Market Access


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Elena Prokhorova


Chairman, President & CEO

Andrea Sobrio

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As a firm with deep roots in the healthcare and pharma space, Executive Insight has seen strong demand for its services since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic—a fact that has not been lost on insiders, who have felt the increase in hours at times throughout the year.

Of course, there is no guarantee that either the business or the hours related to the pandemic will remain for the longer—term. But there is still much to recommend about Executive Insights, including the opportunity to make rapid career progression while enjoying a work-life balance that—temporary spikes aside—seems to be among the more livable options in the industry. That goes some way to ameliorating one of the more common gripes about the company: starting salary, whic...

About the Company

 Executive Insight is a specialized healthcare consultancy. The company was founded in 2000 in Switzerland by a group of consulting and industry professionals.

Executive Insight advises pharmaceutical and biotech companies as they prepare, launch, and commercialize their products—from strategy to implementation. The firm's client list includes 6 of the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies. On a daily basis, team members work closely with Market Access, Marketing, Sales, and cross-functional leadership teams. Projects span a range of therapeutic areas from primary to specialty care and rare diseases.

Employee Reviews

  • “A recent drive to improve the wellness of employees, as well as awareness of the importance of looking after your mental wellbeing, has had mixed results; I think that the pre-work activities are often more exciting and useful than the actions undertaken in the sessions and I wonder if there is something a bit more ‘outside the box’ we could do in this regard. But overall, I think the company is invested in ensuring that its employees remain happy and healthy but maybe hasn't identified the optimal strategy for achieving this yet.”
  • “At peak times, hours are longer, but generally people help each other (if you are working as part of a team). Sometimes when deciding to take time off you have to consider project work and plan around it but it depends on a project, project team, and workload. Travel requirements changed with the corona crisis, prior to that, travel to client meetings or workshops would take place regularly but not with high frequency.”
  • “Generous vacation package. Work occasionally intrudes on vacation time. In most cases, other colleagues support project work when another person is absent (but occasionally some extra work before and after is required to tie loose ends).”
  • “Since Covid-19, our company runs a wellbeing training each month for about a year for all employees to attend if time allows. They also always have an open ear in case something extraordinary happens or you feel overly stressed or overworked.”
  • “The best quality is work-life balance and freedom that the company gives to the employees. Projects are staffed well so we don't work over hours and we are protected from burning out.”
  • “This company has found the balance that allows individuals to commit and project themselves long term in the consulting industry. This is mainly driven by the ability to match individual needs with client timelines. In addition, a lot of attention has been placed on providing a fertile environment for raising issues and proposing improvement opportunities”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Everything is made to make the interviewee feel comfortable. The ideal candidate is a candidate with a dual background in life science and business.”
  • “I don't think we're too competitive really. Candidates who are genuinely nice people tend to do well. The main stumbling block tends to be if they will accept the lower salary offer.”
  • “Ideal candidate shows: Mental flexibility and curiosity combined with a caring and honest interaction style.”
  • “The process is well-defined but can be slow at times. The firm is searching for bright candidates, with demonstrated interest in healthcare consulting, who are also nice and friendly people.”
  • “Useful feedback and advice by HR for each interview stage. Ideal candidate: one who fits the company culture.”