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EY-Parthenon—the strategy consulting arm of professional services giant EY—is one of the largest global strategy consultancies, with more than 700 offices worldwide. By harnessing the infrastructure of its parent organization and its international network of talented professionals, EY-Parthenon offers a near-unparalleled learning experience for jobseekers looking to deepen their expertise while expanding their skillsets. 

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5,001-10,000 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Consulting 50 North America


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Consumer Goods & Retail Consulting


Major Office Locations

50+ offices globally


Employment Contact

Full time positions: Dina Connor - Talent Leader

Vault Verdict

Insiders at EY-Parthenon cannot say enough good things about life at their firm. Employees rave about the culture at the company, which many contribute to the firm’s focus on hiring “smart, nice, and driven” people. Employees feel well looked after, with competitive compensation and benefits, a strong focus on diversity and inclusion, and an uncommonly transparent promotion process. The quality of work on offer at EY-Parthenon is top notch, and employees are continuously impressed with the level of training and mentorship available. Employees also agree that the firm is well positioned for the future, with the general takeaway being optimistic. In short, they certainly seem to be doing something right over at EY-Parthenon.

About the Company

EY-Parthenon is a strategy consulting outfit with 9000+ professionals in 120+ office locations worldwide. EY-Parthenon professionals advise c-suite, business, and organizational leaders across multiple sectors, including consumer, advanced manufacturing & mobility, education, financial services, health care, life sciences, energy, private equity and technology, media and telecom. EY-Parthenon clients include Global 1000 corporations, as well as high-potential growth companies, private equity clients, health care and education clients, and nonprofit groups. EY-Parthenon is aligned with the EY Strategy and Transaction service line.

Boutique firm culture, big firm capabilities

While EY-Parthenon may be able to access the power, global reach, and capabilities of one of the world...

Employee Reviews

  • "DE&I is highly embedded into the firm's culture, which allows one to be themselves when they come into work.”

  • “Every year at EY has shown me that the firm is really behind putting our people first - something that my last two firms only paid lip service to.”

  • “EY-Parthenon is a top consulting organization in the industry in terms of prestige but unlike its competitors, I feel EY-Parthenon focuses intensely on fostering a culture of inclusion, well-being, and commitment to employees. I feel like they care about who I am as person while also challenging and supporting me to excel and do my best work.”

  • “Our partners are easy to access and open to mentoring the lower levels. I've had multiple mentors at the Partner level who have invested in my career over the years. This is unheard of at some consulting firms.”

  • “The people. Period, full stop. The culture of no ego, supportive mentorship, and colleagues who truly care about you as a person while operating at an incredibly high level of performance is unmatched. Every day I feel challenged by my work, learn from my teams, feel personally fulfilled by providing mentorship to others, receive mentorship myself, and operate in a group of people I truly consider to be my friends and not just my colleagues. That is the reason I have been here for nearly 20 years.”

Why Work Here

EY-Parthenon is one of the largest global strategy consultancies, helping CEOs and business leaders design and deliver transformative strategies across the entire enterprise. While EY-Parthenon professionals have a breadth of perspectives and experience, we have a common skill set that allows us to focus on achieving sustainable growth for clients. Whether it’s digital transformation, sector convergence and dislocation, or financial and operational complexities, EY-Parthenon teams bring data analytics, leading technology and digital capabilities to a client’s toughest strategic issues. In doing so, we can move quickly from idea to implementation to help clients execute with speed and certainty.

By connecting teams and technologies from within EY-Parthenon and the broader EY ecosystem, we provide clients with corporate, transaction and turnaround strategies that are actionable and impactful and that help deliver long-term, sustainable value to all stakeholders.

Getting Hired Here

  • “EY-Parthenon seeks out candidates that are smart, nice, and driven. These are qualities that are important to the firm and qualities that have helped to build out a culture of kindness, collaboration, and constant learning.”

  • “From SuperDay interview to offer is typically 3-4 business days. Our ideal candidate is someone with a diverse background that hits our Smart, Driven, Nice pillars (usually see this through a structured case approach with comfort in the quantitative section and a very well-rounded behavioral interview covering off on academic success, leadership on campus/community, and community involvement).”

  • “New this year is the pivot to one Superday of 3 interviews rather than two rounds. There are multiple waves and the goal is to make decisions quickly and deliver the results to students as quickly as possible. The firm is very clear in what they're looking for in campus presentations, coffee chats, case prep, the job description, etc.”

  • “The firm has a strong on-campus hiring pipeline with a close second experienced hire pipeline. The ideal candidate is one who has strong analytical and interpersonal skills and shows the potential to be a great consultant.”

  • “We want candidates that are smart, nice, driven. We have an interview “SuperDay” process where we have 1 round of 3 interviews. Reducing to 1 round of interviews means there are less folks selected for interview slots overall though so competition is tougher in a way during recruiting season.”

Perks & Benefits

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