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Frontier is a European economics consultancy. The firm has expertise in finance, statistical modelling, game theory, market research and even the psychological side of economics. They help companies with market strategies, regulatory reviews, competition inquiries. And they help governments design innovative policies and regulatory systems.

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101-500 Employees


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Best Consulting Firms in EMEA for Economic Consulting


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London, UK


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Jessica Hasija - Director of Talent & Operations

Vault Verdict

If consultants at Frontier are unhappy with life, they only have themselves to blame—quite literally, as being employee-owned means that every permanent employee has the opportunity to step up and propose changes. That fact alone means that Frontier consultants are some of the most satisfied people who took our survey this year, quite aside from the fact that they work at a place that is intellectually satisfying as well.

Culturally, the hours and travel expectations at the firm both tend towards the reasonable end of the scale by industry standards, despite Frontier’s services being in strong demand—to the point where the firm is able to choose its assignments. Additionally, insiders indicate that the company is a great place to develop both consulting and econo...

About the Company

Frontier Economics is one of the largest economic consultancies in Europe and has a simple remit: It comes to the aid of its clients through a combination of economics and analysis, mixed with comprehensive sector knowledge. The firm's expertise covers, among others, competition policy, regulation, strategy, behavioral economics, litigation and dispute support, transactional due diligence, public policy, and international trade, and stretches across several industries, including: energy, financial services, health care, post, consumer retail, media and telecoms, transport and water.

Frontier Economics has a unique corporate structure, where all employees own a part of the business. This ensures that incentives across teams and practices are aligned and everyone works hard to deliver excellent outputs for the firm's cli...

Employee Reviews

  • “Challenging work in a very friendly and intelligent environment. I think it is a great place to work that cares not only about generating profit but also about making it through interesting projects.”
  • “Employee-owned and employee-run. This means that unlike other consulting firms when you are working hard you can feel more like you are working for something that you have a stake in than just working for someone else, the partners or owners.”
  • “Employees are encouraged to rotate across different practice areas, such that people have a much wider breadth of experience and knowledge of different economics issues and tools, instead of just being stuck in a very specific niche.”
  • “I couldn't have wished for a better experience as an Intern. I was treated like everybody else at the firm, they considered my interests when putting me on cases and my location wishes.”
  • “If you are a young person, this is the best place to develop your career. You'll have lots of opportunities and they will make of you a very good consultant. After 3 years in the company, you will know if this is your business or not. If you have professional experience elsewhere, you won't be left alone, there will always be people willing to help and guide you.“
  • “The employee-owned nature of the firm gives everything a more inclusive ethos. This, together with the sustained growth, means there's very little internal politics.”
  • “The work is really interesting and challenging, and the firm culture is great. In my two years, I've learned a lot, both in terms of general consulting skills and how to be a better economist. Hours are reasonable (the average week works out to around 40 hours) and so the compensation is lower than some competitors, but if you're willing to accept a slightly lower salary in exchange for having time to actually spend it and have a life outside of work then Frontier is an excellent option.”
  • “They do care about how we do things. We believe that an employee's happiness improves their life and makes our business more successful. And we continuously keep thinking about maintaining this philosophy. This amazes me. The perseverance in making sure that the firm's values are truly encouraged and maintained.”
  • “We have one of the highest retention rates in the industry because it is truly a nice place to work.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Ideal candidates are entrepreneurial, sociable and smart.”
  • “First there is a CV selection, after which there are two rounds of interviews. The firm responds very quickly at each stage of the recruitment process. The ideal candidate is clever, technically adept, and has the ability to communicate clearly to clients and members of the team.”
  • “Good economist with good interpersonal skills and ability to see things from a wide perspective before getting into detailed economic analysis.”
  • “Interview process is smooth and streamlined, although occasionally our recruitment team can take a while to notify someone of the outcome of their interview (this was not my experience, as I heard back the next day, but I've heard of it happening). We're looking for people who explain complex economic issues in simple terms, and who are personable and confident enough to interact well with clients.”
  • “We place equal emphasis on consulting skills and economic skills.”

Perks & Benefits

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