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You don’t have to be a medical professional to advance the healthcare industry. Those passionate about technology and business strategy will find Health Advances an enriching way to make a difference in people’s lives. By specializing exclusively in healthcare, Health Advances has developed a … well … advanced level of expertise and renown, giving values-oriented jobseekers a chance to dive deep and flex their analytic muscles to solve real-world problems for future generations.

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101-500 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50 North America


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Corporate Strategy


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Newton, MA


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Full time and internships: Dana Gaughan, Chief Talent Acquisition...

Vault Verdict

Health Advances offers a unique working experience, defined by a close-knit company culture with an emphasis on employee development and well-being. The firm's approach to mentorship and the opportunity to work on varied and intriguing projects create an environment where individuals can thrive both personally and professionally. While there are better-paying firms (at least for base pay), Health Advances makes up for a supportive, dynamic work culture, and by ensuring a reasonable work-life balance wherever possible (it’s still professional services).

Career development at Health Advances is a standout feature, with the firm providing extensive formal training and mentorship, led by senior management and consultants. This approach facilitates consistent prof...

About the Company

The professionals at Health Advances consult about one thing and one thing only: health care. Established in 1992, the firm's core belief is that focusing on just one industry allows it to provide clients with greater resources and focused insight. This means that the professionals at HA are not mere consultants, with most having worked within the health care industry at some point in their career.

Holding advanced degrees in medicine, molecular biology, biomedical engineering and many other related sciences, HA consultants advise their Fortune 500 and start-up company clients on areas such as development, clinical trial strategy, marketing, licensing and pricing. But HA also offers advice on corporate-based issues, like mergers, partnering and finances, to a broad range of clients in the biotechnology, diagnostics, medical dev...

Employee Reviews

  • “As with most companies, layoffs were largely ‘first in, first out’. Although we did have layoffs, I'm confident upper management did everything they could to avoid layoffs, such as partners taking pay cuts and canceling one closure week. Additionally, we are conscious about not over-hiring now as we get back on our growth plan, so if you see an application opening, that means we truly need someone.”

  • “Family-like consulting firm with deep and varied knowledge in the healthcare industry.”

  • “HA is set apart from other firms with its dedication to fostering an excellent work culture and providing the opportunities for individuals to grow every day.”

  • “Really outstanding company culture that prioritizes employee well-being, work-life balance, and the cohesion of the office.”

  • “We have large practices outside of biopharma including digital health, diagnostics and life sciences tools, and medical technology.”

Why Work Here

Grow your career while helping clients find opportunities for the innovative technologies, products, and services that are revolutionizing healthcare.

Getting Hired Here

  • “All Health Advances case interviews are based on the interviewer's real case experience, so they're highly varied and non-formulaic. Sometimes candidates come in and try to force a framework that they read in Case in Point, but that's really not what our cases are about. We want you to brainstorm with us, think creatively, and show that you really understand the problem.”

  • “Four case interviews all with market sizing and questions to test your knowledge of the healthcare industry and business acumen.”

  • “Ideal candidate is someone who can approach a problem logically, explain their approach clearly and concisely, and work well in teams. Our interview process is typically a phone screen followed by two interview rounds. We are good about calling candidates back, even if we don't give an offer.”

  • “Initial phone screen followed by Super Day. Ideal candidate is able to break down a complex problem and has strong interest in healthcare industry.”

  • “We are looking for candidates that are able to combine a background in healthcare or life sciences with a strong business acumen. Strong candidates will be passionate about specific areas of healthcare and will have a sense of what areas they would like to explore more when they join the firm.”

Perks & Benefits

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