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Huron is a global professional services firm. They serve clients in the healthcare, higher education, life sciences, and commercial sectors, as these organizations face significant transformational change and regulatory or economic pressures in dynamic market environments. They help healthcare organizations leverage data and technology to optimize existing business operations, improve clinical outcomes, and create a more consumer-centric healthcare experience.

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1,001-5,000 Employees


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Patty Olsen - Chief Human Resources

Vault Verdict

As a publicly-traded firm in an industry dominated by private-label players, Huron has considerations (the need to keep shareholders happy) that simply don't exist at rival firms. Despite this, it manages to compete with many of those rivals for both talent and business, and is generally acknowledged as a positive, friendly place to work. 

While the firm is growing, some insiders have expressed a degree of concern over innovation—specifically related to technology—which may be due in part to the firm's public standing. Compensation, while generous by most standards, came up as a source for concern among some consultants—although benefits, including 401(k) matching and long-term incentives, generally met with approval. However, insiders do note that t...

About the Company

Huron is a global professional services firm committed to achieving sustainable results in partnership with its clients. The company brings expertise in strategy, technology, operations, advisory services and analytics to drive results in the healthcare, higher education, life sciences and commercial sectors. It provides guidance to support organizations as they contend with the change transforming their industries and businesses. 

Huron specializes in serving clients in the healthcare, higher education, life sciences, and commercial sectors as these organizations face significant transformational change and regulatory or economic pressures in dynamic market environments. It has worked with more than 450 health systems, hospitals, and academic medical centers, more than 400 colleges, universities and research institutions; mor...

Employee Reviews

  • "Everyone I have closely interacted with is incredibly dedicated, hard-working, and full of integrity. My co-workers are totally reliable (for the most part). I don't think it is like that everywhere."
  • "Great company, easy to fit in. Respect shown to all. Very interesting, challenging work. Lots of opportunities for growth and development. Very nice benefit package."
  • "Huron is not just a consulting firm, but also an implementation firm that customizes our methodology to each client we encounter. Once confirmed with the client, we will take what we recommended and actually work with the staff to implement and sustain the changes. One thing we find common is that not only are clients not able to implement the changes themselves, but they are also unable to easily rework the recommendations. This is where we come in—we can tailor each recommendation to create a more efficient and sustainable atmosphere."
  • "I believe the work we do is mission driven and improving healthcare in this country. This is hard to find in consulting. I also believe there is a culture of kindness and collaboration in which people are kind and supportive; higher-ups do not disparage or disrespect lower level staff, and are supportive and elevate them."
  • "You're consistently surrounded by people who are not only incredibly motivated, dedicated and intelligent but who legitimately care about you and want to see you do well and progress in your career. There's none of the backstabbing and withholding of information that a lot of firms struggle with—we've managed to achieve a culture that is truly collaborative."
  • "They are truly committed to ensuring their employees have the best possible experience. Understanding the stress involved with being on the road and the consulting lifestyle, they do all that they can to support you and provide quality of life."

Getting Hired Here

  • "First round is typically a behavioral interview and/or recruiter screen, followed by a second round consisting of one behavioral and one case interview. The final round is an office day and features two or three in-person behavioral/fit interviews and a Q&A session with a panel of peers."
  • "Job candidates are able to get personalized feedback on their interviews, which is extremely rare and a nice service. The company also does not belabor case studies during the interview process, and seems interested in understanding both the analytical capabilities of candidates as well as their interests outside of work. I believe the company is seeking people who are able to jump into ambiguous situations, interpret data efficiently, and maintain positive, 'human' relationships with clients as they navigate change in their clinics/service lines."
  • "We are looking for critical thinkers who are fast learners and have an open mind to adapt to new issues/problems."
  • "We are looking for the best. Strong vetting process including psychological assessment. We always communicate where you are in the process and share feedback if you weren't selected."
  • "We seek employees that are free-thinkers and can adapt easily to situations. We do not place emphasis on pedigree. Some of our best developers do not have formal college educations."

Perks & Benefits

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