Tech-savvy jobseekers who live on the cutting edge of digital transformation will spark to Ignyte Group: a fast-paced, DC-based boutique that specializes in the automation and modernization of business processes. At fewer than 100 employees, Ignyte maintains a close-knit and entrepreneurial culture akin to what you’d find in Silicon Valley. The firm lives and breathes its core values of innovation, cross-functional collaboration, ownership, and creativity, all in service of its niche focus on merging traditional management consulting w...

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51-100 Employees


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Washington, DC

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Ignyte offers a true boutique experience with a genuine focus on work-life balance—a concept that doesn’t exist (at least in practice) in too many corners of the consulting industry, but that Ignyte is managing to deliver on. That, in turn, leads to some very satisfied employees, who love the opportunity to maintain a degree of control over their working hours.

On the business front, the firm appears to be growing at a steady clip. Whether that pace can be maintained throughout 2023—and the culture alongside it—remains to be seen, but for the time being this is a firm that should appeal to anyone interested in working on digital transformation projects while also maintaining a life outside of work.

About the Company

Ignyte is a Washington, DC-based digital transformation and management consultancy specializing in helping clients modernize and automate their business through the adoption of advanced cloud-based and enterprise solution technologies. Founded in 2014, Ignyte brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise used to guide business strategy, technology, and management for clients of all sizes.  At the intersection of innovation and design, Ignyte helps evolve any business challenge into ideas and solutions.

Ignyte has carved out a unique niche in the market by combining expertise in user experience and visual design with the business strategy, process improvement, and program management offered by traditional consulting firms.

Ignyte’s cross-functional team of management consultants, engineers, data scientists, and d...

Employee Reviews

  • “Innovative company that gives you the tools you need to succeed if you're a self-motivated goal-getter.”

  • “It sounds cheesy and is a bit cliché, but I honestly believe it's the people that set Ignyte apart from the rest. There isn't a single, dominating ‘type’ that works at Ignyte. The only thing that is shared by everyone is an acute awareness of self. People share their passions, communicate their boundaries, and bring their full selves to the workplace. I think the people I work with are fun, funny, and genuine; and I think it's that legitimate enjoyment of one another and the energy that brings to a project that sets us apart from the rest.”

  • “Flexible work hours, flexible in-person/remote system, flexibility to work on multiple clients and projects at one time to learn where I fit in the best.”

  • “Arman and Jason--our CEO and CTO--are the best team to work under and I know that with them at the helm; Ignyte will continue to flourish.”

  • “We are scrappy and are willing to put in the extra hours and go the extra mile to satisfy our clients.”

Why Work Here

Business has changed. So should consulting.

Ignyte is a Washington, DC-based digital experience and management consultancy. Our mission is to enable business transformation by providing our expertise in strategy, technology, and management. We are consultants, technologists, and designers who love solving problems of all shapes and sizes. Our unique, cross-functional expertise allows us to partner with clients to innovate their business operations.

Ignyte was founded by senior leaders from “Big 4” consulting firms and has carved out a unique niche in the market by combining our expertise in user experience and visual design with the business strategy, process improvement, and program management offered by traditional consulting firms. As a boutique firm, we work hand-in-hand with our clients to understand their challenges and tailor secure, scalable solutions to meet their needs.

Getting Hired Here

  • “An introductory call where a person should be prepared to discuss compensation expectations and see if Ignyte might be a good fit/vice versa. Then a panel interview with management. Finally a call back.”

  • “Extremely receptive and quick to respond. I was able to build a personal connection with the HR employee in charge of my recruiting and was not handed around through multiple portals like some other firms I applied to.”

  • “Quick and straightforward process. Someone willing to learn, ideally a tech background (though not needed), and excited about the firm.”

  • “The company is seeking for someone who is able to work independently, flexible, and cross-functional.”

  • “The firm took every initiative to discuss the situation and provided me with appropriate information.”

Perks & Benefits

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