Implement Consulting Group is a management consulting firm. A self-billed "bunch of nerds" bringing change to change, the company has a people-centric focus. Though headquartered in Copenhagen with offices in Aarhus, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo, Oslo, Zurich and Munich, the firm serves clients worldwide.

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501-1,000 Employees


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Vault Consulting 25 EMEA


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Implement Consulting Group offers a unique culture that puts employees at the center of everything. Small wonder, then, that insiders seem happy with their lot, describing an open environment that is built to give consultants the ability to design their own futures. Despite the high degree of autonomy, some insiders note that it can feel unstructured, while the promotion model can be challenging, especially for those who are new to the firm and/or industry.

Quality of life and compensation at Implement are similarly well-regarded by insiders, with a lot of autonomy and flexibility to balance work and life. Base salaries are on par with comparable firms, with a solid bonus structure and stock options. All in all, this is a firm that will appeal to those who are ha...

About the Company

Headquartered in Copenhagen with offices in Aarhus, Stockholm, Malmo, Gothenburg, Oslo, Zurich, Munich, Hamburg, and Raleigh (NC), Implement’s base is in the North. Via 1,000+ employees, multinational clients and worldwide projects, the company offers expertise with a global perspective.

Implement's mission is to help ensure true expertise turns into real change--to impact organizations and the people within organizations in ways that are sustainable and effective. Implement's clients are ambitious and seeking change, and the firm aims to help them tackle their toughest challenges.

Employee Reviews

  • “Be prepared to drive your own journey - do what is right for you and what is beneficial for the organization, there will be no boundaries for growth.”
  • “Consulting culture where people are put at the core. Implement's approach is hardly standardized, we work on co-development of solutions with our clients. There is no standard development journey at Implement, every consultant is empowered to craft and tailor its own path and Implement grants the tool to support every single journey.”
  • “Everything we do is transparent (sales, invoicing, project evaluations, customer satisfaction, etc.). You need to be prepared for this culture to thrive.”
  • “If you are engaged, motivated and ready to find your unique way of thriving this is a good place for you; if you look for detailed processes, exact standards and a laid-out path you might get lost.
    If you are open to truly connect with people, have a lot of social events, have an open personality and not afraid to be in very unstructured environment, this is the best place for you to be!
    If you desire to live with personal responsibilities in a caring collective - please join.”
  • “Prepare to work with awesome smart-minded people who will welcome you with open arms, but also prepare to take on a lot of responsibility early on.”
  • “The company does not use terms like divisions or departments. Instead they are called Practices and CoPs (Community of Passions). The passion is the key. With no passion, to CoP - it will die. And some CoPs will be closed, where there are no more passionate people to drive the subject. Then new CoPs pop-up, which shows the company is agile to adapt to the market on what is hot, and where the needs are, along with the required skills to solve the tasks. So PASSION is the key - and it shows throughout the organization.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Call back within 24 h from interview providing feedback and answer. Ideal candidate fits the culture and is very driven and wants to continue to learn. The ideal candidate is a people person combined with a data mindset.”
  • “I believe the company is seeking responsible professionals who are honest and transparent. People who manage their workload well and like getting involved in opportunities outside of just their own job description. People who work well with people. It's a performance culture.”
  • “The interview process is much more about getting a feeling of the candidate's personality, than testing the candidate's skills. After all, it is much easier/faster to learn how to draw a matrix and use a method toolbox than to learn how to be a empathic and kind colleague.”
  • “They are always seeking someone smarter than the rest. This idea is very smart and allows for the average of the firm to increase all the time. Both the interviews and callback process are very good with a short time to answer.”
  • “Very well structured process with a focus on giving potential candidates the best experience. We look for people who are first and foremost nice people to work with, that has a sound attitude towards life. Of course we also look for high performers with relevant education.”

Perks & Benefits

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