Insigniam is a management consulting firm that specializes in enterprise-wide transformation, transformational leadership, and managing change. A core value proposition of Insigniam’s organization transformation services is empowering clients to “build a bond and collaboration” among their people. Knowing that culture fuels strategy, Insigniam invests heavily in training and fostering entrepreneurship in the firm's own employees, so they can bring the most impactful solutions to clients.


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51-100 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Enterprise-Wide Transformation


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Philadelphia, PA


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Marie-Caroline Chauvet, Partner

Vault Verdict

Insiders at Insigniam are generally happy with life at their firm, with particular praise being leveled at the ability to make rapid career progress—this being a fact of life at the firm due to its smaller size and need for consultants to play an active role in the sales process.

On a day to day basis, work hours seem on par with much of the rest of the industry, while compensation is broadly regarded as fair relative to the firm’s positioning within the market. As a boutique-sized firm, there is a little trepidation over the possibility of a protracted downturn in the economic cycle, but this aside, Insigniam is an intriguing firm that will be watching closely in the years ahead.

About the Company

Unlike consulting firms that advise, train, or do it for you, Insigniam helps ensure that the breakthrough, innovation, and transformation initiatives are led by your leaders and employees. They catalyze, provoke and guide clients and organizations, so the capabilities and competencies are developed within the organization, not walking out the door when they leave.

Insigniam stands for the breakthrough, innovation, and/or transformation a company seeks, partnering with you to leverage your deep knowledge of your business with their expert insights and unique methods for thinking newly, altering behavior, and executing results. Their work has been honed over decades of working with executives and large enterprises.

The firm's name is inspired from the Latin usage of ...

Employee Reviews

  • “Breakthrough methodology that alters how our clients see the world (how the world occurs to them), alters how our clients work and the actions they take, all in service of producing breakthrough outcomes and unprecedented results.”
  • “Great culture, great people, interesting and challenging work that makes a difference.”
  • “Insigniam works with the world's largest companies to make a difference in the world and to provide extreme value for their clients.”
  • “No other consulting firm will say it as we see it and do it in a way that creates an opening for another level of performance that gives people tools for their whole life for the rest of their life.”
  • “The speed in which we make transformation happen to clients and our NPS numbers are the highest I have seen amongst professional services firm (80% this year so far).”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Ask really great questions about the culture as well as what one could expect in the first 180 days of working at the firm. Ask what the structure is for training and development. Ask specifically what a sponsor is responsible for in your development over the first year.”
  • “[Firm is looking for candidates with] Integrity. Has work and management experience. Demonstrated ability to produce results through others. Background in transformation and sales.”
  • “Someone with 5-15 years of business experience. Someone who is worldly, curious and has strong academic credentials.”
  • “The interview is extensive, comprised of a series of meetings and a psychographic profile. The ideal candidate is someone whose background includes a growth mindset, loves to travel, is intentional, and light-hearted. The person is a lifelong learner and global leader tendencies.”
  • “We have developed a very robust interview and selection process. The process has multiple levels in our firm participate in the process. An individual moving through the process to receiving an offer gives the individual exposure to 8-10 people from Insigniam. This has resulted in our hires being more and more successful. This is a win for the individual and Insigniam.
  • An ideal candidate has business experience and a college education, relates to others easily, demonstrates an interest and willingness to continue to develop themselves, performs well in a team environment, is curious about many things, communicates effectively verbally and in writing.”

Perks & Benefits

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