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Jabian Consulting is a strategic management and technology consulting firm that exists to help companies become more competitive and profitable by creating and implementing strategies, enhancing business processes, developing human capital, and better aligning technology. The firm places a heavy emphasis on serving its local communities, both in a professional and volunteer/philanthropic capacity.

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101-500 Employees


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Business Strategy


Major Office Locations

Atlanta, GA


Employment Contact

Elise Giannasi Bivins - Director of Human Resources


Partners & Co-Founders

Brian Betkowski, Chris Reinking, Nigel Zelcer

Vault Verdict

With a local delivery model that allows consultants to sleep in their own beds most nights, Jabian seems to have cracked the code on culture and work life balance—something that most insiders are quick to point out. Additionally, insiders really want you to know that “boutique” and “local” are not euphemisms for “lower quality”; this is a firm that very much prides itself on the pedigree of its consultants and the quality of the work they provide for clients.

With lower overall compensation than some of its larger competitors (although not necessarily on a per-hour basis), there is a sense that Jabian is perhaps reaching something of an inflection point. While the firm is continuing to grow, its ability to retain consultants has resulted in a large tier of highly...

About the Company

Jabian Consulting is a strategic management and technology consulting firm that believes in the power of energizing its people to allow them to deliver amazing client results. The firm was founded in 2006 by Brian Betkowski, Nigel Zelcer, and Chris Reinking, three consultants from a "Big Five" consulting firm. All current managing partners in Jabian, the trio built the firm around three major principles: client service, local focus, and an innovative, entrepreneurial spirit.

Priding itself on the ability to tackle its client’s toughest issues, Jabian takes an integrated approach to creating and implementing strategies, enhancing business processes, developing human capital, and better aligning technology – ultimately helping clients become more competitive and profitable.

Jabian has earned national accla...

Employee Reviews

  • “Everyone we hire is involved in their community and has similar values. We do not live to work, but we bring high value to our work.”
  • “Jabian has been ahead of the current trends regarding the talent war and conscious capitalism by a wide margin. Leadership are true thought leaders with the desire to create a legacy firm that fulfills all of the higher goals of a business.”
  • “Our firm's vision is very well-formulated and positive, and we have structured everything we do to live out that mission daily. The vision is centered around truly maximizing value and satisfaction for our clients, our employees, and our community. It is not the ‘typical’ consulting firm--we truly look for that triple-net win in everything we do. That's why our clients love us, it’s why our employees love us, and its why our reputation within the markets we serve is so good.”
  • “Values and principles-driven consulting with a focus of deeply understanding client needs and delivery high-quality solutions catered to individual clients.”
  • “We are not just bodies thrown at a problem to solve in a cookie cutter way. We tailor make our solutions to our clients problems for them to implement, and listen to their concerns.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Ideal candidates have strong experience of diverse backgrounds aligned with our company culture.”
  • “Interview process is efficient. Ideal candidate is an experienced management consultant with a passion for community involvement and motivated to forge their own path.” “My perspective is the talent acquisition team has strong engagement with candidates and process is managed throughout with communication to candidates as well as all internal stakeholders.”
  • “Our process is strong and we are getting great talent in the door. We are seeking people who actively do great work for clients and community. We also look for them to enhance our culture. Every hire changes our culture and we want it to be for the better.”
  • “Talent Acquisition does 2 initial call screenings, often punctuated by an informal call with a current consultant who can speak with you about Jabian's consulting practices, culture, etc. The team is quite responsive and will generally call within a few business days to set up the next call. Once you've passed these screenings, there is a panel interview, after which Talent Acquisition will do another follow-up to schedule the partner interview--again, they get back to people a few business days after both the panel and partner interviews, and if the candidate passes the partners, that's the point where an offer is made and negotiation begins. The whole process takes a few weeks, typically.”

Perks & Benefits

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