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Kaiser Associates is a global growth consulting firm with deep expertise across six practice areas. Since inception in 1981, the firm has grown substantially while continuing to stay to true to its founding ethos of ‘fact-based’ strategy. The firm’s global client portfolio, collegial community, and opportunities for rapid advancement make Kaiser a great place to work.

Company Stats


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51-100 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Consulting 50 North America


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Consumer & Retail


Major Office Locations

Washington, DC (Global HQ)


Employment Contact

Mary Lou Byrne, Vice President People (Full-time and internships)

Vault Verdict

Getting a job with Kaiser involves several interviews, both case studies and behavioral interviews—the firm looks for intellectually curious people with a deep-set desire for self-improvement to join its team. Kaiser’s low-travel model offers its consultants a strong work/life balance for the industry, an aspect that its employees rave about. Employees note that, while base compensation is comparable to peer firms, bonuses don’t measure up to their expectations in the same way. Insiders report a general downturn in morale due to layoffs earlier in the year, but remain optimistic about the future of the business as a whole. Employees are also enthusiastic about the high-level work that they do at Kaiser, with many consultants reporting that the trainings and overall focus on employ...

About the Company

Kaiser Associates is a global growth consulting firm with offices in Washington DC and London. Kaiser Associates’ elite client base includes some of the world’s most admired and prestigious brands, as well as leading private equity firms and U.S. government entities.

Kaiser Associates offers employees a distinctive consulting experience that combines the client prestige and diverse opportunity of a large firm with the close-knit community of a small firm. With support from senior leadership and an entrepreneurial culture, consultants assume responsibility beyond age and tenure, affording accelerated development and stretch opportunities.

In recent years, Kaiser Associates has increased its investment in talent management, formal and informal training, and individual professional development to encourage consultant...

Employee Reviews

  • “Challenging yet rewarding—a place where you enjoy your coworkers.”

  • “Kaiser has a terrific, entrepreneurial culture that features high levels of collaboration, camaraderie, and trust. Our focus has always been on results/output, rather than activity/input. If you can work smart and deliver quality results in less time than expected, that is celebrated at Kaiser and you are encouraged to use that "saved" time to recharge with friends/family/hobbies, whatever.”

  • “Kaiser focuses on early responsibility, fostering a dynamic environment for young professionals to learn by doing.”

  • “A place that recognizes and values what I'm capable of achieving and sets me up to succeed—even better than expected!”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The best candidate for Kaiser is one who is intellectually curious and who is always seeking to identify development opportunities. We have plenty of talented candidates who join Kaiser, but it's usually the ones who strive on a daily basis to get better who are go further in this career.”

  • “Seeking ‘intellectual athletes’ rather than ‘knowledgeable specialists’: smart, inquisitive, adaptable individuals. Excellent communication skills are a must. Someone with group management or team leadership skills is particularly attractive: all of our work is collaborative, so strong contributors who can work with and eventually organize others is ideal.”

  • “Kaiser seeks candidates who are intellectually curious, hardworking, and open to feedback/learning.”

  • “I believe the firm emphasizes behavioral interviews to find intelligent and creative individuals that maintain a growth mindset. That is, individuals who understand they can always improve in many aspects of their life and career.”

  • “As a boutique with primarily high-level F100 clients, we are looking for candidates that can learn quickly, have high-level people skills for early client interaction, and are ‘go-getters’ and want to progress faster than they would at other strategy firms.”

Perks & Benefits

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