Kaiser Associates is a global growth consulting firm with deep expertise across six practice areas. Since inception in 1981, the firm has grown substantially while continuing to stay to true to its founding ethos of ‘fact-based’ strategy. The firm’s global client portfolio, collegial community, and opportunities for rapid advancement make Kaiser a great place to work.

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51-100 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Consulting 50


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Consumer & Retail


Major Office Locations

Washington, DC (Global HQ)


Employment Contact

Carla Ricks, Talent Acquisition Manager

Vault Verdict

A career at Kaiser Associates represents an opportunity to work for a true strategy boutique across a wide variety of sectors—an ever-rarer experience in the consulting industry. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone: this is a firm where consultants are expected to be flexible, to consistently challenge themselves, and to live right on the edge of their comfort zones in terms of knowledge and expertise.

On a day-to-day basis, Kaiser has long been known as a firm with a humane (dare we say sensible?) approach to hours and travel—even prior to the pandemic. As such, it’s a great fit for those seeking to do challenging work in an environment where it’s also possible to have a life away from work. While the firm’s size means it doesn’t ...

About the Company

Kaiser Associates is a global growth consulting firm with offices in Washington DC and London. Kaiser Associates’ elite client base includes 4 of the top 10 Fortune 2022 World’s Most Admired, as well as leading private equity firms and U.S. government entities.

Kaiser Associates offers employees a distinctive consulting experience that combines the client prestige and diverse opportunity of a large firm with the close-knit community of a small firm. With support from senior leadership and an entrepreneurial culture, consultants assume responsibility beyond age and tenure, affording accelerated development and stretch opportunities.

In recent years, Kaiser Associates has increased its investment in talent management, formal and informal training, and individual professional development to encou...

Employee Reviews

  • “Ability to be a true industry generalist in a boutique setting with elite clientele, while gaining more exposure and early opportunity than you could hope to get at firms of similar caliber.”
  • “Early responsibility and growth opportunities. A key part of Kaiser's culture is pushing our people to step up and take on more responsibility as soon as they are ready. As a boutique firm, there are always growth opportunities ready to be seized by our proactive employees!”
  • “Kaiser does thorough research work, utilizing a considerable amount of primary research in their analysis that similar firms DO NOT emulate. Furthermore, new efforts are being made to implement programming into day-to-day (e.g. coding web-scrapers to gather data more effectively), which has been a significant innovation.”
  • “The amount of responsibility one gets from day one here is incomparable. In my first project I was researching, creating deliverables, and presenting deliverables directly to clients. Although you have to seek out the opportunities, they exist here and will make you better for having experienced them.”
  • “We work with the best and brightest clients in the industry, including 9 of the 15 largest companies in the world, but are still a relatively small firm. There's no bureaucracy here, which is super refreshing having come from a larger consulting firm.”

Why Work Here

Kaiser’s consultants are at the core of a diverse and entrepreneurial community that encourages accelerated development and stretch opportunities. We offer all the  benefits of an established 40-year-old strategy consultancy with access to top-tier professionals and elite client relationships.

By both challenging and supporting team members, Kaiser fosters an environment that enables for you to grow quickly and create impact from day one as you deliver solutions  to complex challenges of leading businesses and government entities.  

Kaiser is a great launching pad for your career – whether that’s here or elsewhere. Our alumni have gone on to top graduate programs; fast-track roles in leading industry corporations and government entities; prestigious private equity and venture capital  firms; and become entrepreneurs/founded their own companies!

Getting Hired Here

  • “At Kaiser, we seek critical thinkers who are also self-starters AND committed to teamwork. It's not enough to be a smart analyst if you can't demonstrate initiative and set/achieve goals independently. Kaiser definitely prioritizes self-starters, but specifically those who promote teamwork and actively collaborate with team members to accomplish even more as a group.”
  • “I believe that the firm is seeking candidates that can think critically but also creatively. Even at the entry-level position, Kaiser provides employees with a great deal of responsibility, so new hires must be ready to dive headfirst into accomplishing tasks and adding value to their project teams.”
  • “Kaiser seeks a well-rounded, personable candidate who can easily converse with individuals at all levels of an organization. They must be innovative and detail oriented while also appreciative of varying perspectives. The interview process consists of two case rounds and a super day however the process moves along very quickly.”
  • “Our ideal candidate is intellectually curious with a positive attitude & focus on personal growth. We have a 1-hour phone screen as our first round that mixes behavioral & case elements, with a second round of a written assessment based on an interpretation of diverse information sources. The final round is a super day format with 2 separate 1-hour case interviews, a 30-minute peer behavioral interview, and a 1-hour behavioral interview with an Officer.”
  • “The firm was rather quick in delivering interview feedback to me. There were 5 interviews (1 introduction, and 4 Superday interviews that were spread between 2 days). I heard back within a day for the introduction interview and after 2 days for the Superday. All-in-all, I thought that the interview questions were fair, but maybe a little less challenging than the questions asked by larger firms. I believe that the ideal candidate for the firm is someone that showed in college that they could be an effective problem solver.”

Perks & Benefits

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