Keystone provides strategy and economics consulting to global brands and law firms. A firm where an entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to collaborate with peers goes a long way, Keystone’s expertise is in strategy, economics, data analysis, product development, intellectual property, and antitrust. The firm works with an array of Fortune 50 technology companies as well as global consumer brands, including Amazon, Facebook, GE, Intel, Roche, Microsoft, Oracle, and Yeti, among others, and has development options aplenty for consultan...

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101-500 Employees


Featured Rankings

Vault Consulting 50


Major Office Locations

San Francisco, CA (HQ)


Employment Contact

Ben Mercer - Head of Recruiting

Vault Verdict

Keystone’s unique set of offerings and tech industry focus make it a highly appealing option for anyone seeking to work on the intersection of strategy and economics within Silicon Valley. But precisely because of that rare mix and focus, getting into the firm is no easy feat: Keystone is looking for serious economic chops and the ability to work on some of the toughest problems faced by firms in the tech sector.

Fortunately, that culture of high performance doesn’t seem to translate into a high-stress working environment. Insiders note that quality of life, despite occasional crunches, tends to be high, while compensation is at or close to levels set by the best-known firms in the industry.

With a period of retrenchment underway in the tech ind...

About the Company

Keystone Strategy is an innovative economic, technology and strategic advisory consulting firm with locations in Boston, New York, San Francisco, and the Seattle area. The firm brings an uncommon approach to deliver transformative ideas for tech clients, global law firms, and Fortune 500 companies facing complex and often not-yet solved business challenges. Keystone brings an interdisciplinary approach (the “Triad”), leveraging the intersection of economics, technology, and business strategy.

Tech Experts

Keystone has expertise in a wide variety of fields, including competition, economics, digital transformation, operations, tax transfer, data platform management, and expert witness consulting. The firm has worked with a myriad of blue-chip clients, including Intel, Microsoft, Facebook...

Employee Reviews

  • “A focus on combining economic rigor and technological understanding.”
  • “Exposure to the largest firms on the planet, offering a differentiated value add and problem solving to their most pressing issues.”
  • “I haven't seen competitors blend business, economics, and tech in the same way Keystone does. There is not a comparable firm.”
  • “I think our attention to hiring consultants with tech backgrounds is special and opens up so many opportunities for interesting, impactful work. It has been so exciting to be part of our technology services team, which has afforded me the opportunity to become an expert in some high-impact topic areas like cybersecurity and digital platforms.”
  • “We almost exclusively deal with tech firms or in the space of digital innovation. We also provide a blend of advanced tech (SWEs and data scientists), economics, and strategy to our work.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “An ideal candidate is able to creatively and flexibly apply a technical base. Candidates should also fundamentally be nice people. We are generally not interested in super type A people.”
  • “I believe a the firm wants a bright, humble, and adaptable person.”
  • “Smart, curious candidates with strong communication skills, diverse backgrounds, strong client empathy and fit to Keystone culture. Firm emphasizes a lot on fostering a pleasant and interactive recruiting process.”
  • “The firm has 5 rounds. They are a mix of case and behavioral questions. The ideal candidate has 3 or more years of experience in technology projects or economics.”
  • “The firm is looking for undergraduates or graduates from top schools/b-schools in the US. The candidate will have one screening round with HR, one screening round with a consultant and 3-4 case based interview rounds with employees of various seniorities.”

Perks & Benefits

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