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Keystone provides strategy and economics consulting to global brands and law firms. A firm where an entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to collaborate with peers goes a long way, Keystone’s expertise is in strategy, economics, data analysis, product development, intellectual property, and antitrust. The firm works with an array of Fortune 50 technology companies as well as global consumer brands, including Amazon, Facebook, GE, Intel, Roche, Microsoft, Oracle, and Yeti, among others, and has development options aplenty for consultan...

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101-500 Employees


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Best Consulting Firms for Technology, Media & Telecommunications...


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San Francisco, CA (HQ)


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Ben Mercer - Head of Recruiting

Vault Verdict

Keystone presents an intellectually stimulating environment where insiders engage with complex challenges in technology. It's a haven for those passionate about making a mark in a firm where talent and dedication are appreciated. The company culture emphasizes adaptability, allowing insiders to blend home and work life seamlessly. However, the trade-off comes in the form of sometimes intense work hours and a compensation package that may not always be in lockstep with industry standards.

Career progression at Keystone is dynamic, with a noticeable fast track for high achievers, though the roadmap to advancement can be foggy, reflecting a start-up’s growing pains more than an established giant's structured path. The firm’s commitment to diversity and inclu...

About the Company

Keystone Strategy is an innovative economic, technology and strategic advisory consulting firm with locations in Boston, New York, San Francisco, and the Seattle area. The firm brings an uncommon approach to deliver transformative ideas for tech clients, global law firms, and Fortune 500 companies facing complex and often not-yet solved business challenges. Keystone brings an interdisciplinary approach (the “Triad”), leveraging the intersection of economics, technology, and business strategy.

Tech Experts

Keystone has expertise in a wide variety of fields, including competition, economics, digital transformation, operations, tax transfer, data platform management, and expert witness consulting. The firm has worked with a myriad of blue-chip clients, including Intel, Microsoft, Facebook...

Employee Reviews

  • "Challenging work and fast-paced culture."

  • "Forward-thinking and entrepreneurial firm that delivers transformative ideas through and uncommon service."

  • "People are extremely nice here. Senior leadership is welcoming, approachable and ready to teach juniors."

  • "Specialization in the tech industry and combining strategy/management consulting with economic/litigation consulting."

  • "The firm right now is 80% litigation and 20% strategy consulting. There is room to be promoted, but the compensation does not keep up with peers."

Getting Hired Here

  • "2-3 case based interviews and then a partner interview for job fitment."

  • "Entrepreneurial, self-starter, curious/inquisitive, structured, humble."

  • "Someone with an excellent educational background who is willing to keep learning at Keystone."

  • "The firm does a single screening round followed by 4 rounds of selection interviews. The ideal candidate is someone with a background in economics or data science."

Perks & Benefits

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