OC&C Strategy Consultants is an international consulting firm that advises management of major multinational corporations and leading national companies, as well as governmental and other public institutions. OC&C also supports world-renowned private equity firms in areas including potential investment scoping, vendor and buyer due diligence, and post-acquisition strategy. The firm brings a deep knowledge of sectors and the churn of demand to their work with clients.

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Business Unit/Divisional Strategy


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Kelly Robinson - Human Resources Officer

Vault Verdict

OC&C appears to be enjoying a period of strong growth within the US at present, with its New York office hiring at a rapid pace. This indicates that a firm that has historically been better known in Europe—and particularly its home country of the UK—may finally be gaining recognition on this side of the pond for its impressive strategic abilities.

Of course, economic cycles also play a part in the firm’s ability to grow. There are several insiders at OC&C who are nervously keeping an eye on the macro picture; a sensible precaution given its still-small headcount and reliance on shorter-term strategic projects.

As an employer, meanwhile, OC&C seems to be well thought-of by insiders, who love the opportunity to do “pure” st...

About the Company

Focusing on strategic analysis, OC&C Strategy Consultants breaks the concept of strategy consulting down into six organizational areas: group strategy, business unit/divisional strategy, product/market/channel strategy, transaction support, strategy realization, and organization & change. 

The firm focuses on answering strategic questions facing clients from first principles, based on market, customer, and competitor realities, rather than operational status quo and constraints. That's a strategy, the firm says, that ensures clients benefit from truly custom-built solutions, rather than off-the-shelf methodologies.

Although OC&C doesn't publicize its client list, it does claim to work not only with major corporations, but also with mid-sized companies that need strategic help i...

Employee Reviews

  • “Although our firm has grown substantially, it still feels like it has the tenacity of a boutique trying to make its name in the market. We have the structure and capabilities of a larger organization while providing ample opportunities for junior staff to have their thoughts heard by the most senior members of the client team, as in a start-up.”
  • “Fast growth and many opportunities on a range of interesting projects.”
  • “OC&C's small size in the US but large size internationally is entirely unique among consulting firms. The small US size really does matter for culture and day-to-day working; I know every person at the firm personally which is important when starting on a new project with new team members every few weeks. The large international size doesn't matter much on a day-to-day basis, but it has allowed us to land clients that are impressively well-known given the size of the firm (example clients: Unilever, Hilton, General Mills, Warburg Pincus).”
  • “The culture […] stems from that fact we are a true partnership committed to building something for the long term. It permeates through the entire firm, where everyone is aligned in helping the firm to succeed by helping each of us individually to succeed. It's a very rewarding environment in which to work.”
  • “We have a bunch of really cool people who are not afraid of showing their true color. Everyone is super down to earth and willing to support other people, and the senior team is super invested in the junior team's professional growth. And you can easily become really close friends w/ your colleagues--I go on vacation with my work friends very regularly.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Two rounds of two interviews. All interviews are case studies.”
  • “Candidates who love grappling with difficult problems collaboratively with others. If you enjoy solving the case, you'll enjoy the work we do. If you enjoy solving the case together with your interviewer, you'll like your colleagues. Cases are interviewee-led.”
  • “Interviews are typical case studies - two rounds with two cases in each. We are looking for candidates that demonstrate clear, logical thinking in their analysis along with the energy and presence that would allow us to put them in front of a client on day one.”
  • “Our process is designed to identify the very highest caliber analytical problem-solvers who can quickly decompose a problem based on first principles, drive to the heart of the issue, and resolve it with actionable recommendations. Every interview will involve a case study (usually 4 interviews in total, but often more for more senior levels).”
  • “Standard two-round process. The firm is looking for smart, sensible people and take a slightly broader view than competitors. As such, we take candidates with slightly less traditional backgrounds. Moreover, the firm is British and as such is very amenable to visa sponsorship.”

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