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Redseer Strategy Consultants is an India-based strategy consulting firm that works with consumer-focused businesses, and offers growth advisory, digital strategy, and investment advisory services. The firm was formed in 2009.

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New to our survey this year, Redseer is a firm that has established a strong reputation across the APAC region for research and consulting in the tech space. That bodes well for the firm in the years ahead, with no shortage of digital strategy projects even if macroeconomic trends lead to a slowdown in other sectors of the economy.

As an employer, the firm is generally well-regarded by its consultants, who reserve specific praise for the Redseer’s capabilities, career growth opportunities, and low travel model—all of which make for a compelling package, especially for younger consultants seeking to gain industry exposure.

About the Company

Redseer Strategy Consultants is an India-based strategy consulting firm that was formed in 2009. The firm works with consumer-focused businesses, and offers growth advisory, digital strategy, and investment advisory services. Redseer is on a mission “to seek continuous and accelerated growth in consumer delight for its clients.” The firm takes a three-pronged approach to fulfill its mission: leveraging consumer understanding, democratizing information, and maximizing consumer happiness.

Leveraging consumer understanding, Redseer helps businesses make the right strategic choices based on a deep understanding of consumers and consumer behavior. Delivering transformational impact, Redseer shares defining industry trends to help entrepreneurs and corporations solve some of the most complex strategic problems. And maximizing consumer ha...

Employee Reviews

  • “Anyone who is looking to get into the world in Indian startup space while building a consulting firm grounds up and having a decent work life balance while having friendly colleagues around should consider Redseer.”
  • “Consider the growth curve you can achieve, the world-class day-0 exposure, & the work culture and you would find it very hard to find a better firm to kick-start your career.”
  • “Good experience for a newcomer and you get to learn a lot of things which will help you down the road - whether you stay in the firm or decide to leave. You develop skillsets that can be easily transferred to other jobs in the future.”
  • “It is the only firm that concentrates on primary as well as secondary market research with such in-depth data and accuracy. Provides both management and strategy consulting to some very big names in the industry such as Flipkart.”
  • “Redseer values experience and learning. While educational qualifications are given due importance, the organisation identifies the need to look at delivered results when deciding whom to push forward. It tries to retain employees it values and maintains an environment where one feels seen and recognised for the hard work we put in. While we compete with big firms, I believe the very idea of an entry-level employee being recognised by the leadership for the work they do is unique to the organisation. It prides itself on being more efficient than established firms and stands true to its promise even as it grows. Client satisfaction is given priority and the culture of 'hustle' stays to deliver better outputs every time. There is no place for stagnation, unlike many 'big' firms relying on prestige alone to keep them going. Redseer continues to grow from within even as it grows into a bigger and better brand each day.”
  • “The only consulting firm that specializes in consumer internet (related to startups and VCs/PEs). Hence, our target is very niche, yet it shows great potential in the future and I believe Redseer will thrive as a consulting firm once the consumer internet economy becomes massive, since core competency has been established years ago.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Candidates who have strong academic and non-academic track-record are best suited for the company. Candidates who display energy and bottom-up thinking can thrive in this organisation.”
  • “Company is honest about the expectations (in terms of working hours etc.) and ensures a potential employee is one with passion, dedication and drive towards consulting. Cultural fit is another important aspect for the organisation. Behavioural traits such as willingness to learn, ability to question set approaches and think outside the box are sought during the interview process.”
  • “Interview process that the firm followed was layered and very thorough. I had multiple rounds, with different themes each time. An ideal candidate for the firm is someone who can hustle and deliver, with sharp insights backed by data and logic, who fits the culture here as well.”
  • “The company makes sure that the interview process is completed within a week and informs the candidate of everything (date, time of the interview, stages) prior. It has 4 rounds of interview processes with each process testing individual's different capabilities like analysis tools, knowledge, case studies, market awareness, etc.”
  • “Usually the interview happens in person, although more recently, due to COVID, it’s more internet based. Generally, HR will reach out and schedule a time and then it takes 1-2 weeks post-interview to get callbacks for further interviews. After 2-3 rounds, you get the final call on selection.”