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ScottMadden is a generalist boutique with deep expertise in the Energy and Corporate & Shared Services sector. The result is a combination of strategic focus and a diversified approach to consulting across a range of capabilities and services—perfect for jobseekers searching for the unique benefits of working at a smaller firm while still leveraging a wide array of skillsets and experiences. If the prospect of working ‘on the ground’ with your clients excites you, then ScottMadden might be a fit for you.

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101-500 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50 North America


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Atlanta, GA


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Jennifer Wornat - Partner, Recruiting and Staffing

Vault Verdict

A firm that has been growing intentionally despite the challenging macro environment, ScottMadden stands out for its strong commitment to its people and values, particularly evident in its support for diverse young professionals.

Insiders highlight the firm's focus on work-life balance, with flexible policies accommodating personal commitments and a hybrid work model. However, as is the case in much of the industry, individual experiences may vary across specific projects and managers.

In terms of career growth, the firm offers close mentorship and high interaction with senior leaders, coupled with both formal training and hands-on learning opportunities. As such, the firm is a great choice for anyone seeking growth opportunities—both person...

About the Company

ScottMadden is a management consulting firm that operates in two main areas: Energy and Corporate and Shared Services. While it is best known for its work in the energy industry, the firm's Corporate & Shared Services practice works across many industries with clients in entertainment, healthcare, manufacturing, high tech/communications, retail, and higher education.

Founded in 1983, the firm is headquartered in Atlanta, GA with additional offices in Raleigh, NC and Framingham, MA. From these locations, the firm works on projects for clients all over the world, albeit with a strong concentration of work in North America.

Putting the Scott in ScottMadden

The firm was founded in 1983 by utility industry executive Peter Scott, whose first client also happened...

Employee Reviews

  • “Authentic culture—ScottMadden is a small mid-sized firm that has been growing in recent years but is very intentional about keeping its culture and values as they grow. I genuinely have enjoyed working with all of my project team members so far and everyone is so inclusive.”

  • “Culture is strong, and employees have excellent relationships. Performance is highly valued and consultants have every opportunity to advance.”

  • “Focus on steady and sustainable growth. Many other firms have clearly overgrown themselves at an unsustainable pace, evidenced by recent layoffs and delayed hirings. Our firm is dedicated to its members and does not want to be put in the position of having to break commitments to its people.”

  • “ScottMadden is an amazing place and if you want to contribute, collaborate, are self-driven, and take personal accountability, it will be a great place for you.”

  • “We don't try to force off the shelf solutions to the clients, we spend time resolving client-specific issues and building relations.”

Why Work Here

ScottMadden is a management consulting firm with deep knowledge in Energy and Corporate & Shared Services. We are a perfect fit for those that thrive in a smaller firm that allows you access to partners with a wide array of skill sets and experiences ranging from strategic planning through implementation across many industries, businesses, and functions. ScottMadden is a diverse team that values the uniqueness of each of our employees. The differences in our backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives are part of what makes our firm exceptional.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Fair process outlined by multiple interviews evaluating different qualities. The ideal candidate is one that has knowledge of the firm and the work that is performed and wishes to be part of the firm and its culture.”

  • “General management consultants interview on campus or virtually. We have MBA callbacks that include a presentation.”

  • “I was impressed with how quickly ScottMadden communicated their decisions to me during the interview process. I received an invitation to the second round the day after my first interview, and I received a full-time offer three days after the final round. I believe that ScottMadden is seeking a candidate who is motivated to work hard and make a difference in their work. This is true in the energy practice as well as their other practices.”

  • “The firm is very responsive and direct in the interview and callback process which is different from other (particularly larger) firms that take much longer or never respond. The ideal candidate demonstrates strong interpersonal and presentation skills (both verbally and written), the ability to talk through problems and proactively address questions, and a strong desire to receive feedback that will lead to quick improvement.”

  • “We want people who are passionate about problems and lead with that in their everyday work. Be smart. Be focused. Be willing to get the job done right.”

Perks & Benefits

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