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StoneTurn, a global advisory firm, assists companies, their counsel, and government agencies on regulatory, risk, and compliance issues; investigations; and business disputes. The firm serves its clients from 15 global offices across five continents.

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101-500 Employees


Major Departments/Practice Areas

Regulatory, Risk and Compliance Advisory


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Austin, TX


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Michael Feeley, Managing Director Talent Acquisition (Full time...

Vault Verdict

According to insiders, StoneTurn is fully delivering on its founders’  vision to create a company that could “provide a platform for professional growth, interesting and challenging opportunities and, at the same time, allow for a healthy work/life balance.”

While many firms profess to want the qualities laid out in that vision, actually achieving it starts with a culture that places employees at the center of the firm—something that certainly seems to be the case at StoneTurn. Insiders are effusive about the firm’s commitment to empowering individuals and creating growth opportunities wherever possible.

Of course, StoneTurn is still a consulting firm, which means that quality of life is never going to be perfect—particularly at a firm deal...

About the Company

StoneTurn is a global advisory firm that provides forensic, investigative, compliance, and advisory services to corporations, law firms, and government agencies worldwide. Founded in 2004, StoneTurn has grown to include 15+ offices across the U.S, U.K, Germany, Brazil, South Africa and Singapore.

StoneTurn’s leaders—partners and alumni of international public accounting and consulting firms, industry and government agencies—opted for a different professional services model. The firm’s vision was to create a highly collaborative team of professionals who prefer “hands-on” client service and focus on forming long-term, trusted relationships. The firm works with clients to identify, investigate, and resolve potential risks and disputes, as well as provide guidance on regulatory matters. Its services include forensic accounting, litiga...

Employee Reviews

  • “A company that delivers exceptional work product to its clients by supporting its employees and fostering genuine collaboration.”
  • “Extremely collaborative culture, empowering individuals and letting them grow while providing superior client service.”
  • “Our founders sought to build a firm that is ‘smart but fun’, and from what I can see, we have never strayed from that ethos.”
  • “The culture of StoneTurn sets the firm apart from the competition. I have never been in a group that is genuinely good people who wanted you to succeed because they truly believe that your success is a success for the firm.”
  • “Work-life balance and the emphasis they place on it. In consulting, it is very common to work extremely long hours and, consequently, for people to get burned out. I have had lengthy conversations with three partners at my firm; all of them have a desire not to outwork anyone, and all of them have made the (rather bold, I think?) claim that we all need vacations and that it is the company's desire not to intrude on, or in any way prevent employees from doing them.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Depending on the level being hired, the candidate will interview with an array of staff to ensure they are a proper culture fit with the team beyond their credentials and work experience. The recruiting team handles the callback process.”
  • "It is looking for someone with a personality that will mesh well with the upper-level members of the team; someone that brings something new to the table (i.e. data analysis expertise); someone that can think through a problem and speak clearly and concisely on it in front of people; someone, ultimately, that will stick around and grow with the firm. The interview process was great for me: it was clearly defined at the beginning and then we went through it quickly--all hiccups that prolonged the process were the fault of my own.”
  • “StoneTurn has a very well-structured and thoughtful recruitment process. Follow up is always prompt, the candidates consistently updated on the status. The key quality of each candidate we are evaluating is culture fit. From the entry level position to the lateral partner hires.”
  • “The firm seeks highly technically capable talent with significant drive, curiosity, and perseverance. A candidate with extensive experience in their specific field who can fill perceived gaps in the team expertise is ideal.”
  • “We have the best recruiters in the industry and I have come across many. They are thorough, transparent, and we treat candidates with respect. We look for people that are smart, but personable and looking for a place where they can feel rewarded both financially and personally.”

Perks & Benefits

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