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The Brattle Group answers complex economic, regulatory, and financial questions for corporations, law firms, and governments around the world. The firm serves numerous focus areas and industries, including energy, financial institutions, IT, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, sports, telecom, and media. In addition, they offer expert testimony and are known for the credibility of their experts, which include leading international academics and industry specialists. 

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Undergraduate: Justin Thymes, Talent Acquisition Manager,...

Vault Verdict

Brattle Group insiders are typically happy with their lot in life, citing a helpful, collegial culture and the opportunity to work on high profile cases as key drivers of that satisfaction. Additionally, this is a company with an excellent reputation for career development, with a strong focus on mentoring and on-the-job learning.

In the midst of a cost-of-living squeeze, Brattle consultants had varying opinions of how their base compensation compared with competing firms but it still remains generous by most standards—with bonus opportunities making up a lot of the gaps.

All told, this is a firm with a strong reputation in the economic consulting sphere; if that’s your area of expertise, there are few reasons not to check it out further.

About the Company

Brattle specializes in providing analysis and expert consulting related to energy, finance, and litigation matters for clients throughout the world. Various governments, regulatory bodies, leading corporations, and financial institutions call on Brattle when faced with litigation, regulatory, and policy questions. In answering these questions, Brattle relies on its broad capabilities in economics, finance, and analytics, in addition to deep subject-matter expertise in a variety of industries and practice areas. 

Brattle’s antitrust and competition work includes some of the largest mergers, or attempted mergers, in over 50 industries. It has advised clients in hundreds of transactions and worked on some of the largest antitrust cases. 

Brattle’s experts are regularly brought in to assist with high-profile...

Employee Reviews

  • “A job that will challenge you with high intensity moments but will reward you with opportunities for personal, professional, and relational growth.”
  • “Brattle has an incredibly flat structure for project work, which for me, means that I'm often working directly with principals who respect, value, and trust my input. In turn, I recognize that I am expected to produce a certain quality of work and learn at a particular pace that lets me contribute. These forces, hand-in-hand, lead to some incredibly collaborative work.”
  • “Everyone is someone you would want to work with! There is no drama or 'out to get someone' culture and everyone wants their coworkers to succeed. Also, we have opportunities to do conventional economic consulting work and work that is more niche (electricity practice). It's the perfect mix of a variety of opportunities but a small enough size for tight knit culture.”
  • “Many econ consulting companies claim they have ‘collegial’ cultures, but Brattle is closer to achieving this than other firms actually are. That ‘collegiality’ is not always perfect, but I think most of the people at my firm are genuinely friendly and can work hard without the toxicity that often comes along with heavy workloads at other companies. Even senior-level figures are open and approachable, and the hierarchy can feel a lot flatter depending on the work than you would expect even if it is not ‘flat’ on paper. Having likeable coworkers makes asking for help/advice/clarification much easier, which makes it easier to learn on the job and get things done even being inexperienced.”
  • "We are known for being innovative and ‘entrepreneurial’ in our approach to answering tough questions for our clients. If you need a ‘rinse and repeat’ type of analysis, we can do that, but where we really shine is when something really tough and thorny comes up. Additionally, we really do have much better work-life balance than our competitors.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Brattle is seeking an intelligent individual who is detail-oriented. In this sector, details as small as formatting and as large as industry-redefining statements need to be addressed. For this reason, Brattle seeks individuals who are prepared to encounter all kinds of problems, and who can work through those problems and produce accurate, quality content.”
  • “For associate-level candidates, the most successful will either be PhDs who are interested in working on applied problems in a team setting, or MBAs with a quantitative background. For analyst-level candidates, the most successful typically demonstrate a solid quantitative background, and those that appear to be self-motivating and entrepreneurial.”
  • “In my first round, I had an interview with two research analysts. After that, a few weeks later, I was invited to a second round, full day of interviews with various levels of the firm; there was only one case interview, the rest were behavioral/gauging relevant experience. I was then invited a few weeks after that to an interview with an HR representative that asked typical behavioral questions. The final offer came a few weeks after that. Overall, the interview process took roughly 2 months from start to finish. Brattle prioritizes candidates with some level of quantitative background; most hires are econ majors or double majors with econ and something else. Unlike some other companies, Brattle puts a greater emphasis on screening for people who, besides having the relevant experience and skills, are also "collegial" and would seem friendly to work with, even if not overly extroverted.”
  • “Quantitative expertise paired with communication and collaboration skills are highly prized here. Coding ability is also extremely useful and always in demand. Initiative and creative problem solving are very important at the entry-level, and the first year or two of an RA career is a balance between learning how to effectively carry out tasks as desired and gaining the confidence to innovate more of the details towards a higher-level goal. At the recruiting stage, another absolutely crucial requirement is ability to work well with others. ‘No sharks’ is the motto – but to unpack that, we don't want people who see criticism as an attack, undermine rather than investing in their colleagues, or are reluctant to take ownership of shortcomings or failures. These are key to our ability to deliver work product to standard, and are just as important as technical knowledge and skills.”
  • “Typically looking for strong educational background from top schools, as well as those with Masters or higher for higher level candidates.”

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