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The Keystone Group provides services related to growth strategy, operational improvement, turnaround, and M&A, across a wide range of industries. Beyond its consulting work, the firm is also committed to giving back in its communities, while also hosting a firm-wide bi-annual service trip to build homes for families in need.

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11-50 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50 North America


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Profit and Cash Flow Improvement


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Chicago, IL (Headquarters)


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Beth Moxon, Director of Recruiting

Vault Verdict

At The Keystone Group, insiders value the firm's collaborative culture, which emphasizes strong relationships, early responsibility, and extensive training. However, they note challenges such as limited brand recognition and a lack of specialized knowledge due to the firm's smaller size. Keystone's culture is centered on treating clients' businesses as their own and fostering growth and fun among team members.

Quality of life at Keystone is marked by flexibility and a focus on work-life balance, with the firm supporting remote work and managing workloads effectively—albeit with increasing demands at higher levels. The firm's commitment to community engagement is evident in its efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. While insiders...

About the Company

With offices in Atlanta, Chicago and L.A., The Keystone Group provides services related to growth strategy, operational improvement, turnaround, and M&A, across a wide range of industries. Small wonder, then, that its tagline is “making a difference”—something that the firm strives to do not just for clients, but in the wider world.

Founded in 1991, the company operates under four key guiding principles—and notes that three of the four relate to culture: “Be the Best at What We Do,” “Grow Your Skills Faster than Anywhere Else,” “Attain Financial Success,” and “Have Fun.” And that commitment to making a difference and fostering a positive culture doesn’t stop at good PR: every two years, the firm takes a mission trip to build homes for families in need, and also hosts annual fundraisers to send underprivileged children to ca...

Employee Reviews

  • “Advising clients as if their businesses were our own while fostering a culture of growth and fun amongst team members.”

  • “Culture is a very important part of Keystone. The cultural fit is a significant part of the interview process and there should be a fit both ways (both that that candidate is a good fit for Keystone, and Keystone a good fit for the candidate). Given its size, there is a lot of independent problem-solving and broader roles on multiple areas of a project compared to larger firms.”

  • “For candidates who are less concerned with brand recognition/prestige and more concerned about the level of experience they'll get, rapidly growing their skills, and having a sustainable work/life balance, Keystone would be a great fit.”

  • “Our consultants genuinely care about our clients and project outcomes, where many other firms are worried about selling the next engagement. We take pride in working with middle market clients who need real results and don't have large budgets for consultants.”

  • “We care about getting stuff done. Since we often do implementation work, we never promote or ask our clients to do something we wouldn't do ourselves. This leads to a level of detail and confidence in our projections unmatched by others. We often are asked to rise to the task and regularly exceed expectations.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “I believe they have a very thorough process that finds the best candidates. The ideal candidate is someone that wants to apply themselves and wants to keep learning.”

  • “It usually lasts about 3 rounds and over a couple of weeks. I believe it is seeking a candidate who is eager about the opportunity to work in a consulting role and has a flexible approach to thinking about business solutions.”

  • “Keystone has 3 rounds of interviews generally, with cuts at each level. The first round is a 30 minute behavioral interview, the second is a 60 minute case interview and a 30 minute behavioral interview, and the 3rd is an in-office super day with various interviews and lunches with employees. The ideal candidate is analytically strong, has intellectual curiosity, is humble, and interacts well with the employees they meet.”

  • “The firm is looking for individuals with the analytical potential to thrive no matter the difficulty of the client's issue while remaining compassionate and kind to all they work with.”

  • “We are very quick at decision making on candidates, and usually get back to them one way or another the following day. Our ideal candidate is inquisitive, caring, and truly wants to help clients.”

Perks & Benefits

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