Whiteshield is a global strategy and public policy advisory firm. They serve an established portfolio of leaders from governments, international organizations and Fortune 500 companies. An entrepreneurial culture with early exposure to a diverse range of clients, makes the firm a place for enthusiastic self-starters—described by the people who know it best as an ideal place to start and accelerate your career. Insiders say the close-knit, low-stress environment of camaraderie and trust truly sets this firm apart.

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Vault Verdict

A firm with a truly unique offering, Whiteshield will appeal to a very specific demographic of potential consultants—those with a passion for public policy and government. As such, unlike a standard management or strategy consulting shop, it’s alignment with the firm’s mission that will dictate everything from initial fit to long-term satisfaction in the role for most.

Once in the firm, Whiteshield insiders tend to be fairly satisfied bunch, with few complaints related to the culture, compensation or even work hours surfacing in our survey. While there is an acknowledgement that certain diversity characteristics could be improved, the firm seems to be open and welcoming for all. As such, if you’ve made it this far and feel an affinity for Whiteshield’s area of ex...

About the Company

Whiteshield is a global strategy and public policy advisory firm originating from the Harvard University and OECD communities. The advisory firm is known for its innovative algorithms and ideas in the field of economic public policy and strategy. Consulting Magazine nominated Whiteshield leadership in 2020 as a Global Leader in Consulting with an Excellence Award on Innovation thanks to its breakthrough work related to ‘Country Knowledge Mapping (Harvard Business Review 2012), Future of Manufacturing Barometer (Harvard Business Review 2014, World Economic Forum 2014), ‘Whole of Country Navigator’ © and ‘Geo-capability Mapping’ ©.

Whiteshield works exclusively with governments, international organizations, and Fortune 500 companies and was founded on the principl...

Employee Reviews

  • “Amazing environment and great knowledge building and sharing across the entire firm.”
  • “If you are into public policy, no other firm in the world offers the opportunity to blend strategic outlook, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and a fun lifestyle with some very smart and talented people around you who are driven by purpose and a hunger to learn, not only money.”
  • “Learning innovation in the public sector.”
  • “Specialized sector of expertise, working exclusively with governments at very high level. Mix policy expertise with consulting skills.”
  • “The first filter any potential work goes through is this: ‘does this project improve citizens' lives?’ This criterion comes well ahead of ‘does this project contribute to firm reputation?’ or ‘how much $$ does it bring?’. This is by far the most impactful element that keeps me in my current job. It is also something I have not seen in any other firm I worked for.”

Why Work Here

Whiteshield stands out as a truly unique company within the field of Public Policy due to its network of experts and the nature of work; tackling societies’ greatest challenges. At Whiteshield you have the opportunity to develop every day due to the flexibility and breadth of tasks which encompass research, policy analysis, design and impact assessment, and projects presentations to clients. 

Getting Hired Here

  • “[Company is seeking] Someone interested in public policy, combined with proper business acumen.”
  • “The firm has several processes in place that are communicated timely to candidates.”
  • “We have a 3-stage interview process. The firm strives to provide feedback immediately. Callbacks are usually scheduled within 48hr from interview.”
  • “The ideal candidate combines core consulting skills with experience in diplomacy, a highly strategic mindset, and a strong geopolitical understanding. ****Most importantly, the ideal candidate has a strong sense of purpose and an exemplary moral compass****.”

Perks & Benefits

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