YCP Solidiance is an Asia-focused advisory firm Providing PMO-type execution support services such as Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and Digital Transformation (DX) implementation for clients throughout the APAC region. YCP Solidiance is part of YCP Group’s Management Services Division, along with YCP Auctus, which focuses and is based in India. Their Asian market-entry and growth strategy services provide the required insights and the necessary roadmap to capture a profitable and sustainable market share in the region.&l...

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YCP Solidiance stands out for its entrepreneurial environment, offering autonomy and early responsibility, appealing to those eager for a steep learning curve and significant client interaction. The firm's culture emphasizes teamwork, flexibility, and growth, with management supportive of individual success paths. However, challenges include the absence of formal senior-level training and a demanding workload that may affect work-life balance.

According to insiders, the firm is positioning itself for expansion, introducing new divisions such as Digital Transformation (DX), Interactive Solutions (ISD), and Supply Chain (SCD)—changes that should create opportunities for consultants willing to play a role in building their firm, as well as helping to improve the...

About the Company

YCP Solidiance is an Asia-founded and -focused advisory firm with offices across 20 key markets of Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe. The firm is part of YCP Group, a global advisory and principal investment company.

YCP Group started in August 2011 as “Yamato Capital Partners” in Japan. In 2013, as the firm’s focus grew increasingly more international and it became a Hong Kong-based holdings company, its name was changed to “YCP.” In 2021, YCP Holdings (Global) Limited was established in Singapore, which is the Group’s current headquarters, and listed on the Growth market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. The Group’s Management Services business has offerings under two brands: YCP Solidiance, and YCP Auctus.

YCP Group has a diverse team of professionals who bring experience and knowledge accumulated from other n...

Employee Reviews

  • “A great option for young, curious professionals looking to develop their industry expertise.”

  • "Chance to be actually involved in real business problem-solving with voices being heard."

  • "Early responsibility for even junior consultants! YCPS is the choice if you don’t want to be just a PPT machine."

  • “Our ability to go into the details and drive actionable insights for clients and those that most framework-driven firms would miss. We are very execution-oriented as well.”

  • “The firm is for candidates who aim to be business leaders, not professional consultants or investment bankers. The firm offers training and on-the-job project experiences that build up employees' all-round management skills.”

  • “YCP is the fastest growing consulting firm in APAC with wide range of practices and functions that could fit any potential candidate’s needs in term of scope of work, career path and ambition.”

Getting Hired Here

  • "Candidates go through 3-4 rounds of interviews. We are seeking the brightest minds in the country from top-tier institutions with a passion for problem-solving and adding value to our clients."

  • "Candidates that are open for the steep learning curve. Have ownership and willing to strive for growth of their career.”

  • "The firm is typically looking for ambitious, driven, and smart candidates who want to make an impact in the business world."

  • “The process is able to filter the candidates effectively, and it's proven that those who passed the interview case will excel in the project execution.”

  • "We hire from leading local universities and from MBB & Big 4."

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