One of the best-known firms in the government contracting realm, Booz Allen Hamilton has deep expertise on everything from digital transformation to bleeding-edge cybersecurity. With almost 30,000 employees, there is no shortage of opportunities at the company, but it can also be easy to get lost in the shuffle. Those with existing security clearances hold a significant advantage in the hiring process, while the firm is also a destination of choice for current and former members of the military.

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Assessing culture at a firm on the scale of Booz Allen Hamilton is no easy task. With almost 30,000  employees spread across the globe, achieving a unified firm culture is a major challenge—and one that,  for the most part, leadership at BAH appears to have risen to. Insiders report that the firm’s core values  shine through in everything from its commitment to furthering diversity and inclusion efforts, to  ensuring that employees are able to attain a reasonable work-life balance. 

Of course, in a firm that size, it can also be easy to feel like little more than a number—and there is  certainly some evidence to suggest that it is difficult for BAH consultants to have much say in terms of  how, where or when they are staffed on ...

About the Company

Edwin G. Booz founded Booz Allen Hamilton in 1914, on the eve of World War I, to help businesses succeed through an outsider’s perspective and a human touch. Over the past century, Booz Allen Hamilton has carved its own place in the consulting industry as an indispensable advisor to the U.S. federal government, particularly in administering IT strategy and integration to numerous agencies and departments. 

There is hardly an area of government that has not felt Booz Allen’s influence in one capacity or another. The firm has been involved in some of the United States’ most important moments in the 20th and 21st centuries. Booz Allen was the first consultancy sought out by NASA at the agency’s inception and has advised on major advancements in the Space Race—from the Apollo 11 moon launch in 1969 to the design of the Hubble Spac...

Employee Reviews

  • “At Booz Allen, you can grow your career. The company will help you figure out your career goals and  help you find training, mentorship, and opportunities to grow in those directions. BAH's B3 promise (Be  You, Be Booz Allen, Be Empowered) isn't just a tag line - the message and the practice flows from senior  leadership to the folks on the ground floor.”
  • “Booz Allen Hamilton is a truly remarkable firm in every way. All the government consulting companies  and private companies I've worked for fail in comparison to this firm. This is the most ethical company  I've ever worked for and I am proud to be an employee. It has helped me realize what's truly important to me and my family in my career. I value honesty and ethical behavior above many things, and my  family needs a decent salary from me with a reasonable work/life balance—Booz Allen Hamilton offers  all these things and more.”

  • “Great transition company for senior level military coming off a long career into the civilian work force.  Booz Allen is part of the Hiring Our Heroes initiative to have military complete a 12 week internship with  them—great program.”
  • “Talk to people within the firm, but try to get a balanced response. Like any large firm, mileage varies  depending upon contracts, management, customers, location, etc. Networking is a key part of being  successful here—think of it like a brain trust. You provide value as a team and you reach out to your  support network when you have challenges. So if you decide to work here, start developing that  network now.” 

  • “You must be prepared to work with the bureaucracy that comes with such a large company, especially  one whose main clients are government entities which then add many more layers. But you will be paid  well and they do try to work with you to put you in a position that you're satisfied with.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Booz Allen is seeking perceptive, creative, communicative candidates who get excited by helping clients  solve their most challenging problems, sometimes with incredibly limited resources. In essence,  someone who wants to do exactly what the Booz Allen tagline suggests: ‘Empower People to Change the  World.’”
  • “Firm has strong ethical values and conducts extensive background check. Interview with senior project  leader before submitting resume. After interview, then submit resume with information for background  check. Will be assigned a representative to go through the hiring process.”
  • “I believe that all interviews are still being held virtually. The initial contact is from our HR/recruitment  team to do a preliminary vetting of identified candidates. The list is shared with the hiring manager and  decisions are made as to who will be interviewed by the career manager and others. Following the  round(s) of interviews, an offer may be made via an offer letter.”
  • “Normally we do not like to string a candidate along with a long cumbersome interview process. We  usually like to have the right people available and perform one group of interviews so that a decision can  be made quickly. Ideally, we are looking for someone that has the correct technical skills, but more  importantly we want to make sure that they will fit in culturally. We want someone that will be part of  the larger team and wants to help improve our client environment. “
  • “The firm does a lot of hiring out of colleges and universities, but I think there's an interest in longevity,  which is what attracted me to the firm. There are a lot of people who've spent many years here. I think  the ideal candidate is a team player, self-motivated, driven, technically knowledgeable (or willing to  learn), and places a premium on trying to find ways to add value. This is not a place for people who  cannot structure their own time and need to be told what to do. There are still places in the firm for  people who just want to come in, do their job, and grab a paycheck, but I think the ones who will really  get ahead and enjoy their time here are the ones who take initiative and don't settle.”

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