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Infosys Limited is a multinational information technology company that provides business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing services to clients in 50 countries. The company serves clients across a wide range of industries, including telecom, retail, financial services, resources, automotive, hi-tech, industrial manufacturing, oil and gas, utilities, insurance, and more. They specialize in digital transformation through global enterprise solutions, including AI.

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10,001+ Employees


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Best Consulting Firms in EMEA for IT Operations Consulting


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Strategy and Architecture


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Zurich (HQ)


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Krish Shankar - Human Resources Director

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From the selection of employee comments you'll read below, it is clear that Infosys is still finding its way in the consulting market—and there's a definite split in opinion between employees who believe that the firm will get there, and those who don't. On the plus side, you've got the firm's footprint and relationship with its parent company. On the downside, there's the fact that the Infosys name remains synonymous with technology outsourcing for many in the European market. 

From where we sit, the firm bears all the hallmarks of an outfit that is trying to work its way further up the value chain—and, while there are signs that it is making progress on that goal, it is undoubtedly a project that is progress...

About the Company

Created in 2004, Infosys Consulting is an off-shoot of Indian tech outsourcing and business consulting giant Infosys Technologies. Based on the premise of consistently finding ways to increase value for its clients (rather than, say, focusing on its own profits), IC is committed to making its clients more competitive. To do that, the firm is prepared to leverage any and all of the contacts its parent has, even if that means arranging outsourcing deals for clients through it.

A guiding principle of IC's strategy is to offer its consulting services on a global scale, using a similar methodology as Infosys did when helping to pioneer the concept of global outsourcing. If that means that consultants in India take over a project to complete tasks while consultants in the U.S. sleep, so be it. Strategizing and technical analysis can ...

Employee Reviews

  • "If you are junior, the firm can get you exposed to a wide range of projects and let you get closer to the 'core' of the projects and programs than the big/prestigious ones. But don't expect great mentoring. If you are very experienced, looking for a wide range of projects to choose from and are not in need of constant recognition of your work then join this firm. You will enjoy it here."
  • "Young and motivated teams. Ability to enable innovation and fulfill customer needs best. Leveled to drive project related tasks."
  • "We have a direct affiliation with Infosys Limited, providing a strong backbone to design world-class solutions at a significant discount to our clients."
  • "Highly innovative in digital transformation and IT with excellent know-how in India at Infosys where more than 80 000 people are working offshore."
  • "Team spirit with strong collaboration and no internal competition amongst colleagues, development opportunities in terms of getting a higher amount of responsibility faster than at other companies, we are truly an international work force, offices worldwide are collaborating and not forming local kingdoms."

Getting Hired Here

  • "The ideal candidate is a dynamic Consultant who is flexible to travel and has a lot of individual responsibility."
  • "Candidates will depend on the role. We are looking for strong individuals with good interpersonal and technical skills who can stand on their own in front of a client."
  • "The interview and callback process is well structured and keeps the candidate well informed."
  • "Interview and callback process is very fast and efficient. The complete hiring process from interest, multiple interviews and signing took three weeks."
  • "Recruiting department is well structured and they are doing a good job. The candidates get a fast feedback and a clear picture about the process."
  • "They have several interviews, starting with telephone interviews and then three interviews in the office at the same day. Callback and responses were very fast."

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