Acquired in 2021 by a Philadelphia-based private equity firm Renovus, LeapPoint is a strategic consulting shop to watch in the years ahead. Providing clients with transformational support to streamline, upgrade, and organize processes, LeapPoint's enterprise-level innovation and cross-functional expertise covers a range of industries, including financial services, healthcare, retail, higher education, government, and more.

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51-100 Employees


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Vault Consulting 50


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Reston, VA


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Nathan Walz

Vault Verdict

Following its 2021 acquisition, we’ve been waiting to see how LeapPoint’s consultants would respond to life under the aegis of a private equity firm. The early reviews are now in, and it would appear that insiders are delighted with the opportunities that fresh capital has brought: the firm is ramping up its headcount and capabilities and beginning to move its way up through the client value chain.

While that’s an exciting process for insiders to get to be a part of, it’s also something that brings a lot of extra work: building capabilities is no easy feat and several insiders noted that the efforts to ramp up have left them feeling stretched at times.

On the whole, however, this point in LeapPoint’s journey represents a great opportunity t...

About the Company

LeapPoint was founded in 2006 by industry experts who wanted to have more flexibility in the products and services provided to customers, as well as the agility to meet their most critical business needs. The company strategizes, streamlines, and optimizes—empowering companies to take the leap through a connected ecosystem of people, processes, and technology. 

Converting data into actionable insights, LeapPoint consultants connect the most critical components of a client's business, equipping them for timely decision-making and streamlined business processes. Leveraging their global expertise in optimizing business practices, they help clients reach maximum efficiency and accelerate time to value. Through governance of a company's rapidly developing IT infrastructure and custom ...

Employee Reviews

  • “A challenge of a lifetime with experience unlike any other.”
  • “Commitment to being a trusted advisor; even if that sometimes means suggesting that a client hire another organization.”
  • “I believe in the leadership and outlook of this firm. They are highly hands on and involved. The remote work and culture of this company is a win for me.”
  • “I was not specifically seeking out culture as a big driver for my career change. In fact, I only knew ‘culture’ as a company buzzword that, once used, would 'check the box' for many organizations. I was pursuing knowledge and technical challenges. However, the culture at LeapPoint is real. It's the ‘holy grail’ that I never knew really existed. Each tenet of the business subtly echoes "People, People, People." My interactions with supervisors and peers demonstrate that tenant every day. It's not just the ‘cherry on top’ of an otherwise great opportunity; LeapPoint's culture is a never-ending smorgasbord of people doing the best things for people.”
  • “The vision of our leadership team. They are constantly striving to be the best company for their employees and clients. The way in which the company positioned itself during COVID19's initial outbreak and the way they've handled the recession are incredible.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Best interview experience. I felt like the calls (some group, some one on one) were too short! Interviewers were respectful (peer level, management level) and engaging with open lines of questions that allowed fluid, insightful conversations, rather than a more traditional, Q&A type interview.”
  • “I went through 4 interviews before an offer was extended. Most communication was handled through email.”
  • “LeapPoint is not only looking for candidates that check the boxes for their knowledge of the software that we work with, but for those that are willing to roll up their sleeves, look beyond the boundaries of a ‘job description’ and ready to share new insights and fresh thoughts.”
  • “The interview process was very swift. I interviewed twice, with two different folks including my manager. They were friendly, focused, and swift interviews. I heard back fairly quickly after that.”
  • “The ideal candidate is someone who has thick skin and can handle client interaction (often tough client interaction). Someone who can explain complex designs and problems to someone less technical. Someone who has experience with Workfront and or/designed software is crucial since that is our main focus. I think lack of Workfront/software experience is setting candidate up for failure or a long road of frustration in the job.”

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