Branding, Image, and Marketing Consulting

Branding, Image, and Marketing Consulting


There are many large, international organizations that offer branding, marketing, and other related services. Some examples of well-established branding agencies include: BrandHouse, Brandimage, Cato Brand Partners, Coley-Porter Bell, FutureBrand, Interbrand, Landor Associates, Lippincott, Moving Brands, Siegel + Gale, and Vivaldi Partners. Many of these agencies have offices in the United States and in countries around the world.

Branding agencies usually offer their clients services such as strategy and design of the brand. The branding agency Landor Associates, for example, offers branding services that include “strategy and positioning, identity and design, brand architecture, innovation, naming and verbal branding, research and analytics, environments and experience, engagement and activation, and digital and social media.” Branding agencies’ clients range from start-up and emerging businesses to established companies, academic organizations, and cultural institutions.

Many image consultants work independently, securing clients and handling all aspects of running their own business. Image consulting focuses on helping clients improve their appearance, behavior, and reputation to meet career and personal goals. Image consultants may work exclusively with corporate executives to develop and hone their executive image, including their appearance and communication skills. The communication skills include verbal as well as written, including e-mail, texting, and social media. Image consultants videotape clients so they can see how they present themselves and learn the areas where they need improvement. People may hire image consulting firms to help them prepare for business or social events, speeches, lectures, and presentations.

Image consultants may specialize in working with politicians, guiding them in proper business attire and etiquette to enhance their appeal to the public. Consultants may also advise clients on how to present themselves when in foreign countries for international events and meetings. They guide them in the traditions, etiquette, and attire that is acceptable to particular regions.   

The marketing consulting industry consists of large and mid-sized advertising and marketing companies that offer marketing services. Among the top marketing consulting firms in the United States are Bain & Co., The Boston Consulting Company, Deloitte, McKinsey & Company, and Oliver Wyman. There are also independent marketing consultants who run their own businesses. 

Marketing consultants research and analyze how their clients’ products and services are performing. They also study the products and services of their clients’ competitors, to determine where there are gaps that their clients can capitalize on. They also identify new markets that have potential for growth in customer base and sales. They monitor marketing trends to see where there is a need for new products and services.

Marketing consultants may help clients develop strategies for how best to price their products and services for maximum profit and shares in the market. They always keep the clients’ customers in mind when creating marketing strategies, ensuring that customers continue to be satisfied with the products and services. Marketing consulting firms create marketing plans for the development of new products and services. They also help companies to reposition products and services to improve performance. Marketing consultants work closely with other agency departments and consultants in other specialized areas, such as sales, public relations, digital and social media, advertising, product development, accounting and finance, to name only a few.