Armanino is the largest accounting and business consulting firm headquartered in California. Interns get hands-on experience, great training, and the ability to interact with senior staff. Former interns speak highly of the “wonderful, relaxed culture” where interns are “invited to learn.” They say the “pay was outstanding” and that they “got to jump right into client work and felt like [they were] really helping out on projects.”

Internship Program Stats


How To Apply

Students are invited to submit an application for the position of their interest. Upon receipt of application, recruiters will conduct a phone screen interview with candidates. Successful candidates will then have an interview with two hiring managers for the relevant position. Careers Page: https://www.armaninollp.com/careers/



Number Of Interns

21 to 50


Featured Rankings

Best Accounting Internships









3.00 - 3.49

About the Program

As an intern at Armanino, you will be exposed to one of Armanino's key service departments – Audit, Tax, Consulting, Business Management, or Risk Assurance and Advisory. Internship programs are available in both summer and winter.

You will gain hands-on experience, working alongside professionals at all levels that provide you with actual insight into the field of public accounting. Your internship will provide you with the same exposure to Armanino as staff-level hires, with two key ...

About the Company

Founded in 1969, Armanino is one of the 20 largest accounting firms in the U.S. by annual revenue. Armanino’s recent era of growth was ushered in by a focus on investing in consulting, risk assurance and advisory, business management/family office capabilities, and blockchain—and given Armanino's proximity to Silicon Valley, it's no surprise that the firm's largest industry group is its technology practice. In the past decade, Armanino has more than doubled its headcount and has opened office...

Intern Reviews

  • “The firm culture and environment were excellent! Everyone was super friendly and helpful. The flexibility was amazing, and if I needed to be gone for a preplanned event, it was never a big deal.”
  • “There were expectations, though interns are not worked to death (hardly so). I did not feel overtly stressed, but instead invited to learn. Some interns were unable to get work due to extraneous circumstances, so I took the opportunity to work 20-30 billable hours a week.”
  • “The culture and overall environment are incredible. They promote a very healthy work-life balance and also promote positive energy and pride in everything they do. Some companies just boast about their name or what they’ve done, while Armanino lets its work speak for itself and promotes the growth and development of employees above all. I always felt appreciated and accepted.”
  • “Wonderful, relaxed culture. Worked 40 hours a week with a lot of emphasis on work-life balance.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “I liked how there was a range of people during the interview and how it felt like a conversation.”
  • “The best part about the interview process at Armanino was how fast everything happened. I was able to find out the results of my interview in a timely manner, and that was great!”
  • “Great people to interview with. For me, it wasn't the typical interview, it felt like I was just learning more about Armanino than they were asking about me.”
  • “I was interviewed by four different people, each progressively became more in-depth and slightly difficult, but in general a very easy and simple process.”