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The internships at Blue & Co take place across the year, with programs during the spring and winter months as well as the summer. Interns are given one-on-one time with directors and senior managers in addition to tasks and responsibilities that help the interns develop critical skills for a future in public accounting. Interns have the same duties and assignments as new staff accountants, preparing them for the fast-paced environment of a top CPA firm.

Internship Program Stats


How To Apply

Follow the application link below to submit your resume for open opportunities.


Number Of Interns

21 to 50



3.00 - 3.49








Academic Level

College Sophomores

About the Program

Blue interns can expect to contribute quickly to the success of the team. Interns will have a meaningful, worthwhile experience as they participate in  client-service teams, working on the same tasks as a new Staff Accountant. Interns are mentored and receive timely feedback. Interns learn from the collaborative relationships with co-workers, Blue's leadership teams, and client business owners.

At the end of an internship, interns will have a clear picture of what a rewarding career i...

About the Company

Blue & Co., LLC, ranked as a top 60 accounting firm in the U.S. by Accounting Today, has seen unprecedented growth since its inception in 1970. With 10 offices in three states (IN, KY, and OH) and over 400 professionals, Blue is proud to serve clients in the Construction, Manufacturing, Distribution, Healthcare, Agribusiness, Financial Services, and Not-for-Profit industries.

Intern Reviews

  • "I was required to work 40 hours per week. They emphasized that interns were not required to do any overtime, but were able to if desired. I think management did a great job of allocating projects so that no one was overwhelmed with their workload. The attitude toward work-life balance was great. My internship was during tax season which can be a very draining time and the importance of rest was discussed frequently by management."
  • "I was capped at 40 hours/week so I could see the effects of busy season without having the stress of it myself. The relaxed culture allowed me to be comfortable asking questions about both the work I was doing and about my coworkers themselves."
  • "Working during tax busy season an intern was not required to work more than 40 hours a week but if they were able and willing were allowed to work how ever many hours they seemed fit. I worked around 60-70 hours a week and had plenty of work to do and the flexibility to choose my hours. Overall the work life balance is obtaining at Blue."
  • "The work environment and people are great, flexibility during covid was good but now that restrictions are being lifted so is the flexibility."

Getting Hired Here

  • "Initial interviews were based on merit and ability, then once the final interviews came it was more focused on personality and how I would fit with each interviewers team. This was also the only firm that brought me onsite for the final interview."
  • "The interview/hiring process was incredibly smooth, and everyone was patient with me as I navigated a few different offers."
  • "Very enjoyable interview with managers who were able to make the interview process laid back and relaxed."
  • "Interview for the internship was over Zoom and was a good way to meet the firms and the managers. It was a very relaxed non-structured interview that allows you to flow more smoothly in conversations."