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Founded in 1917, Eide Bailly is one of the top 20 CPA and business advisory firms in the nation, with over 40 offices across 15 states. Eide Bailly interns describe the firm’s culture as "fantastic.” The firm says they encourage their people to be their authentic selves in an environment that prioritizes respect, trust, professionalism, and innovation, as well as fun. The firm has been rated a Top 10 accounting firm in culture, relationships with supervisors, firm leaders, and work/life balance in the 2022 Vault rankings. <...

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How To Apply

Apply by visiting www.eidebailly.com/careers/campus-hires and clicking “Search Careers.” You can filter positions based on location or interest. Once you find an opportunity you are interested in, click Apply and fill out a short application that includes submitting a resume and unofficial transcripts.



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3 to 6 months

About the Program

Eide Bailly offers three-to-four-month internships in various areas of accounting, including Audit, Tax, Business Outsourcing, and Strategy, and other consulting services. As an intern, you will perform many of the same tasks as entry-level associates and have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients and industries.

Students who have completed their basic accounting courses and are enrolled in or have completed at least one upper-level accounting class are preferred, as this ...

About the Company

The 20th largest U.S. accounting firm by annual revenue, Eide Bailly celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2017. Its roots can be traced back to Fargo, ND, where Eide Bailly’s headquarters are located. Since then, Eide Bailly has grown into a firm with more than 3,000 staff members in over 40 offices across 15 states and Mumbai, India. The firm has $521 million in annual revenues.

Eide Bailly LLP is a regional certified public accounting and business advisory firm with diverse talents, ...

Intern Reviews

  • “My internship was 40 hours a week, and I feel that the culture in the office made it very easy to work the hours required. The staff in general were all very nice and helpful with any issues that I encountered and tried their best to make it a learning experience. The work/life balance at Eide Bailly seems to be great as from talking to the other associates, they all seem to have other hobbies that they are able to enjoy outside of work.”
  • “I was required to work 40 hours per week. I would describe the firm culture as excellent. The company made sure to implement firm culture days where everyone could get together, which was a great idea to have everyone get to know one another.”
  • “My quality of life at Eide Bailly during my internship was very good! The company culture was awesome; people were friendly, would include me in activities, and really made me feel like I was a part of the team. The overall environment and work hours during my internship were great as well! The fact that they operated on a hybrid schedule allowed for flexibility to work from home, which was good, but the employees were often in the office, allowing for better connections and greater availability for me to ask them questions. The environment of the physical office had a nice design that was conducive to work (it was a bit chilly, though). As interns, we were only required to work 40 hours per week but had the opportunity to work up to around 60 during the busy season.”
  • “Eide Bailly's firm culture is fantastic; being a summer intern included lots of opportunities to enjoy fun activities that had been planned for the office. I was able to work a full-time schedule, but my department was flexible with hours and days off so that my schedule still fit well with my other summer plans.”

Why Intern Here

Interning at Eide Bailly

You can expect a different experience working at Eide Bailly; one that is truly caring and supportive; one where you play an active role in your career; and one where you can make an impact. The culture at Eide Bailly extends beyond feeling like a family. Staff are trusted, respected and given opportunities to make an impact. The firm looks for personable, hardworking, and driven candidates with strong communication skills who enjoy accounting and tax preparation. Interns get quality training and hands-on experience working with clients. They also frequently interact with senior staff members, who are willing to answer questions and assist interns. As for Eide Bailly’s business outlook, the firm has navigated the pandemic well, leadership is transparent, and employee morale is generally strong.

Getting Hired Here

  • “Initial phone screening was very relaxed, behavioral interview was as to be expected, and the technical interview was well structured. Being in school, I didn't know much in terms of the technical aspect, and the interviewer was very understanding.”
  • “My interactions with my interviewers were very positive, both of my interviewers were very friendly and made me feel welcome to the office, even just during the one interview I had.”
  • “The interviews were casual yet professional. The interviewers made sure to get to know you before asking questions regarding a job. This just goes to show that the company cares for the person above all.”
  • “I applied right at the deadline, but the team was quick to get me in for an in-person interview at the office. They gave me a tour and interviewed me with two employees. The interview allowed me to express my values and the rigor that they expect of their accountants. Applicants are expected to have a strong GPA and dedication to developing themselves both personally and professionally. I had to provide reasoning for why I needed a summer internship instead of a tax season/spring internship.”