Founded in 1917, Eide Bailly is one of the top 20 CPA and business advisory firms in the nation with over 40 offices across 15 states. Eide Bailly describes itself as a "people first" firm that encourages its people to be their authentic selves in an environment that prioritizes respect, trust, professionalism, and innovation, as well as fun. The firm has been rated a Top 10 accounting firm in culture, relationships with supervisors, firm leaders, and work/life balance in the 2022 Vault rankings.

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How To Apply

Apply by visiting www.eidebailly.com/careers/campus-hires and clicking “Search Careers.” You can filter positions based on location or interest. Once you find an opportunity you are interested in, click Apply and fill out a short application that includes submitting a resume and unofficial transcripts.



Number Of Interns

101 or more


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3 to 6 months

About the Program

The 20th largest U.S. accounting firm by annual revenue, Eide Bailly celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2017. Its roots can be traced back to Fargo, ND, where Eide Bailly’s headquarters are located. Since then, Eide Bailly has grown into a firm with more than 3,000 staff members in over 40 offices across 15 states and Mumbai, India. The firm has $521 million in annual revenues.

Eide Bailly LLP is a regional certified public accounting and business advisory firm with diverse talent...

About the Company

The 20th largest U.S. accounting firm by annual revenue, Eide Bailly celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2017. Its roots can be traced back to Fargo, ND, where Eide Bailly’s headquarters are located. Since then, Eide Bailly has grown into a firm with more than 3,000 staff members in over 40 offices across 15 states and Mumbai, India. The firm has $521 million in an...

Intern Reviews

  • “I love the company culture here at Eide Bailly; everyone was so welcoming and came and introduced themselves during our training week, and when we started working on clients, everyone was so helpful and always available to answer questions. The attitude towards work/life balance was great, and there were a lot of opportunities for us to all get together after work.”
  • “The culture at Eide Bailly is lively and welcoming! I have had the pleasure of getting to know the individuals who work at the Boulder office and can confirm that these individuals have a healthy work-life balance. Everyone at the office has been incredibly helpful when it comes to teaching me material about any and all things tax. I also want to add how beneficial their feedback has been to my progress this summer.”
  • “The work-life balance is excellent. Everyone at EB is super kind and considerate and really had my best interest in mind. I felt like at times it would have been nice to have more people in the office with me, but other than that, there were no concerns that I had.”
  • “The firm culture is amazing, even though we worked long hours during busy season, the firm often brought in food/hosted events for us.”

Why Intern Here

Interning at Eide Bailly

You can expect a different experience working at Eide Bailly; one that is truly caring and supportive; one where you play an active role in your career; and one where you can make an impact. The culture at Eide Bailly extends beyond feeling like a family. Staff are trusted, respected and given opportunities to make an impact. The firm looks for personable, hardworking, and driven candidates with strong communication skills who enjoy accounting and tax preparation. Interns get quality training and hands-on experience working with clients. They also frequently interact with senior staff members, who are willing to answer questions and assist interns. As for Eide Bailly’s business outlook, the firm has navigated the pandemic well, leadership is transparent, and employee morale is generally strong.

Getting Hired Here

  • “All of the people I interviewed with were very friendly. I think this aspect made the interviews feel less difficult as it felt more like a conversation with them.”
  • “The hiring process was very smooth and I really enjoyed my interview with the team. I like that they considered all aspects of my career when considering hiring me and just the school aspect because I was still in my first semester.”
  • “I met with a recruiter at a conference than then sent my resume into the office I wanted to work in. I got an interview later that week and an offer for an internship at the end of the interview.”
  • “The interview process at Eide Bailly was casual yet professional. I felt comfortable during the interview, and enjoyed the conversation I had with the interviewers. The conversations during the interview were sometimes appropriately completely unrelated to the job, and there seemed to be a genuine desire by the interviewers to get to know me better on a personal level.”