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Plante Moran is among the largest certified public accounting, tax, consulting, and wealth management firms in the United States. The firm offers interns the chance to work on actual client projects. Past interns say their time at Plante Moran provided a “great introduction into the accounting world,” with "good learning opportunities, great pay, and plenty of chances to network” in a "'We Care' culture."

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How To Apply

Please fill out an application for the positions you are interested in by using the link below:


Number Of Interns

101 or more









6 to 12 weeks




About the Program

As an intern at Plante Moran, you’ll be treated just like any other staff. Although each internship is slightly different, most interns work on actual client projects, getting a real feel for the profession, the firm, and its clientele. Interns are given the flexibility to craft business solutions, not just spreadsheets. 

Your work will include, but not be limited to:  

  • Participating in different phases of a client engagement including:
    • Working as a memb...

About the Company

Plante Moran is among the nation's largest accounting, tax, consulting, and wealth management firms, and provides a full line of services to organizations in the following industries: manufacturing and distribution, financial services, service, healthcare, private equity, public sector, real estate, construction, and energy. Plante Moran has a staff of more than 3,300 professionals throughout the United States, with international offices in Shanghai, China; Mumbai, India; Tokyo, Japan; and Mo...

Intern Reviews

  • “The culture was amazing and encouraged a great work life balance. We were generally required to work 40-hour weeks but if anything came up it was very flexible. The mix of in-person and virtual-based on your own schedule was great.”
  • “The flexibility that I was given allowed me to ensure a work/life balance. This is something that was a huge deal to me as I haven't been in an environment like this. I think the environment and the culture was shocking to me and I loved it. Everyone who is here wants to be here and is so willing to help.”
  • “Firm culture is great! A good work-life balance is encouraged, and it is assumed that you won't know everything. This makes it very easy to ask questions and receive help from an extremely supportive staff. The buddy program ensures that you, as an intern, always have resources to go to when there's an issue, or just in need of an office friend.”
  • “The internship was full-time but there was an emphasis on work/life balance. I always felt supported and like I was given the freedom to work around personal appointments in my own schedule while still being able to get all of my necessary work done.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The hiring process was very straightforward and easy. I felt that the recruiter I worked with always told me the next steps of the recruitment process and the people who interviewed me made me feel comfortable.”
  • “The hiring process was smooth and went really well. I met with a campus recruiter and had two back-to-back interviews with audit staff members soon after that initial meeting. I enjoyed interacting with the all of the Plante Moran staff members.”
  • “The interviews were pretty standard, decent behavioral based questioning versus more traditional questions. I did two interviews; the first was more of a get to know you and where you want to be and the second was for the actual position.”
  • “My recruiter was very helpful and provided me with lots of important dates while I was applying. My interactions with the interviewers were awesome. It was not difficult at all to speak with them and they gave me a sense of belonging. I believe they do select a certain number of applicants to offer internships to, and thankfully, I was one of them.”