Barclays is one of the most influential banks on Wall Street. It’s part of the investment banking bulge bracket and has major M&A, equity, and debt units, which regularly work on landmark deals. Past summer analysts and associates praise the company culture, noting,  "the culture of the company is brilliant" and “the culture is very relaxed, accommodating, and friendly.” Interns also list “the people, the office, the work/life balance, hybrid environment, and inclusion in activities” as the highlights of the prog...

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101 or more


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3.00 - 3.49

About the Program

The Barclays Global Summer Analyst and Associate Program provides undergraduate and graduate MBA students with a sense of what it’s like to work at the firm in one of the following business areas: Business Banking, Cards and Payments, Compliance, Finance, Global Markets, Human Resources, Internal Audit, Investment Banking, International Corporate Banking, Market Risk, Marketing, Operations, Private Banking and Wealth Management, Research, Retail Banking, Risk, Quantitative Analytics, Technolo...

About the Company

Barclays Investment Bank, a core business of Barclays PLC, provides advice, financing, and risk management solutions to companies, governments, and institutions worldwide. The firm helps move capital between those who need it and those looking to generate a return on investment. Barclays Investment Bank operates through three main divisions: banking, markets, and research.

The firm's banking teams offer clients access to industry- and geography-specific expertise across all products, ...

Intern Reviews

  • “The culture at Barclays is very friendly and supportive. We are all on the same team with the same objectives, and everyone is happy to contribute to the learning of interns and new hires. In regard to the internship, as it is first a learning journey and opportunity, it is not expected that interns work overtime. Hours are also flexible, especially given the hybrid work environment.”
  • “The culture of the company is brilliant. Everybody that I have come across is accommodating [and] willing to chat to an intern—even those in director roles or higher—and there is a great support network.”
  • “Culture was relaxed and modern. Work expectations were pretty relaxed for me, but I am aware of other interns who have spent many late nights in the office.”
  • “The culture is very relaxed, accommodating, and friendly. I am working 35 hours a week as per my contract, and all of the staff encourage the interns to participate in social events.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Normal interview process, consisting of behavior questions and technical questions related to the role.”
  • “The application timeline had a long period of time where there were no updates, and I was notified of my final interview a day in advance after three months of no communications. Besides that, all of the people I spoke to were incredible.”
  • “Lots of background/onboarding steps and checks. The actual interviewing process was fairly straightforward, and interviewers were friendly and interesting.”
  • “Hiring was made up of application process, then recorded video interview, then two back-to-back live virtual interviews.”