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Evercore, one of the world’s top M&A and restructuring advisors, offers phenomenal training and senior-banker exposure to interns and junior bankers. 2020 interns rated Evercore's program 5-out-of-5 stars, praising the firm's "sharp yet friendly coworkers, marquee clients, stimulating work," "exposure to multiple industry teams and different transaction types," and "super Evercore-specific" "incredible banker-led" training program.

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How To Apply

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Number Of Interns

51 to 100






6 to 12 weeks





Academic Level

College Juniors

About the Program

The Evercore Summer Program is a 10-week program (including one week of training) designed to provide highly motivated undergraduates and MBAs with a representative experience in investment banking. As part of the program, interns will work on a variety of assignments across industries, including acquisitions, restructurings, recapitalizations, divestitures, partnerships, and joint ventures.

As part of the team assigned to these projects, individuals will be responsible for a variety ...

About the Company

Evercore is an elite independent investment banking advisory firm, employing more than 1,900 people and serving clients around the world from its numerous offices in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia. The firm’s investment banking business advises clients on mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, restructurings, financings, public offerings, private placements, and other strategic transactions. It also provides institutional investors with equity research and sales and trading exec...

Intern Reviews

  • “While hours are long, senior deal team members work hard to provide the most immersive experience, while also being respectful of interns' time and effort.”
  • “I had time during weekends to do what I liked. Also, there's no facetime culture, so when I don't have work to do, I can go home.  Also, you can go home in the evening to work from home if you still have work. Most important thing is to get the job done”
  • “IB does not have the best quality of life; however, I feel the company did a good job within those constraints with limited need for facetime and helpful teammates.”
  • “Culture was definitely genuine, kind, and smart people. People were also very willing to teach/mentor the interns, and I never felt like I couldn't ask questions. There was also no face time culture. Most Evercore teams seemed to transition to WFH after dinner time, so I never felt pressured to stay late. Usually the interns would stay later though if they wanted access to the monitors. If I ever stayed later than 9-10PM it was because I was doing work for my teams and they were also staying later.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Out of the interview processes I had gone through, Evercore had the most technically rigorous interview process, and I thought that their interview questions were the most interesting and challenging.”
  • “The interviews of Evercore are special because they don't just pull questions from the M&I 400 or ask simple concepts from the Rosenbaum guide either. They ask unique questions that test understanding on a slightly higher level and I believe that their standards of choosing applicants was very high in efficacy.”
  • “Evercore did not require me to meet with tens of bankers over coffee chats, like some other banks. It was a relatively low-touch process but still always had an idea of where I stood with the firm.”
  • “Interviews were some of the most difficult I had. They really test that you understand the technical concepts beyond memorizing answers. After completing the internship, it makes sense that the recruiting is more rigorous because you really skip over the basic concepts during training and get in-depth with DCF/merger model/LBO.”