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Guggenheim Securities Summer Associate Internship Program

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Guggenheim’s investment banking internship provides students with a unique opportunity for firsthand experience in significant transactions shaping the industry at a major player in the field.

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All internship roles are posted to the Guggenheim Career Site


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6 to 12 weeks

About the Program

Guggenheim Securities offers an investment banking internship program designed to give students visibility and exposure to the day-to-day activities of the firm’s IB division. The program includes training, mentoring, developmental feedback, networking opportunities, social events, educational sessions, and a senior banker career talk.

Internships are offered in a multitude of locations and business groups, including private equity advisory, energy, technology, equity capital markets,...

About the Company

Guggenheim Securities is the investment banking arm of Guggenheim Partners, which employs more than 2,100 worldwide and is headquartered in Chicago and New York. Guggenheim Securities provides advisory, sales and trading, research, and financing services. In addition to investment banking services, Guggenheim Partners offers investment management and investment advisory services.

Intern Reviews

  • “I very much looked forward to coming into work each day. The culture is exceptional. We work hard, but I love the people I work with and the work that we do.”
  • “The firm culture is great; I never dread being in the office, even on Fridays and weekends. The hours can be long some weeks, making it difficult to do things like go to the gym consistently, but overall, I was satisfied with the work-life balance.”
  • “Generally, very good flexibility of hours and ability to work from home if needed, great support system from junior bankers, and very friendly and approachable senior team willing to speak with interns.”
  • “While you work a lot of hours in investment banking, even as an intern, the bankers at Guggenheim are very conscious and respectful of their colleagues' time, well-being, and personal lives. The bankers clearly communicated when tasks needed to be completed on an urgent timeline but would also communicate when tasks were less urgent and it was okay to prioritize other work or even take the night off to relax. Guggenheim is also very accommodating of remote/hybrid work.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Guggenheim was the only firm I interviewed with that flew the interviewees out to New York to interview in person, which showed the firm's commitment to hiring the people who were the best fit for the firm. Those who received offers were also treated to a dinner that night, which made the experience even better.”
  • “Interview processes are different for each office location and group. The interview process for the program and office I worked in was more difficult than at the other firms I interviewed with. As a result, I spent significantly more time preparing for my in-person Super Day at Guggenheim. However, I feel that my interviewers were genuine and friendly, and their questions/exercises offered me the chance to showcase a wider range of skills, abilities, and experiences than my interviews at other firms.”
  • “The interviews were challenging but fair. They were technical in the early rounds and behavioral towards the end. I didn't think anything was unfair about the difficulty of the interviews, but performance in the interviews was certainly pivotal to your chances of receiving an offer.”
  • “The Super Day that was hosted was great. It was well planned, and I liked that we got interviewed by people we either knew, networked with, or were simply from our school. The requirements were not outrageous, and the number of interviews was all consolidated into one day, which was ideal.”