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CapTech is a technology consulting firm that specializes in management consulting, technology solutions, data and analytics, and customer experience. The company partners with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, and more to provide technology solutions that help clients not only face challenges but progress and improve past them. Consultants and CapTech use an active listening approach to deeply engage with clients’ issues and tackle them with thorough understanding and technical expertise. Interns at the firm praise “CapTech has a great...

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How To Apply

Candidates may apply in person through their college career fair, online through the college's job site, or via the CapTech website. Applications will typically include a resume and cover letter (optional).


Number Of Interns

10 to 20


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6 to 12 weeks




About the Program

At CapTech, interns work in teams for 11 weeks and experience the full lifecycle of a typical IT consulting project. You’ll work on a simulated project that reflects what you might find as a CapTech consultant, including all aspects of the analysis, design, development, and deployment. The program is designed to help interns fully experience the many roles consultants play in everyday projects, how to engage with clients, and work together in different practice areas. 

In addition to ...

About the Company

CapTech Consulting’s origins can be traced back to 1997 when Sandy Williamson and Slaughter Fitz-Hugh, friends and former employees of Andersen Consulting, created the company due to their shared interests. Since the early 2000s, CapTech Consulting has been consistently recognized for its success and its achievements in customer service, as well as for its corporate culture. For example, CapTech was a recipient of the Impact Award of the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce for its economic i...

Intern Reviews

  • “Company culture was great, with the interns being able to work collaboratively and always having support from full-time staff for any problems we may have. We were required to work 40 hours, and the company discouraged us from working overtime. They were flexible in terms of allowing for virtual work if needed, and there was a level of trust that the work needed would get done.”
  • “CapTech has a great culture and everyone I met was welcoming and open to questions. The culture is very relaxed, and it never feels like you are in competition with other people. I worked 40 hours a week and was allowed to work remotely on Fridays.”
  • “40 hours/week [exactly]. Fridays were virtual and I was living with people from my internship, so I really liked forming those close relationships. The people in the intern support group were very clear that they didn't want us doing any overtime even though we weren't being paid for overtime.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “There were a couple of rounds of interviews. Both interviewers that I met kept the interaction very relaxed and within a reasonable timeframe.”
  • “The interviewers were very friendly and responsive to questions and hearing back after every interview was quick and made the process seem manageable. There were two interviews, one behavioral and one technical. I appreciated how the interviews focused on the individual and their process of thought rather than pure technical ability.”
  • “I loved how relaxed the interview process was; they really just wanted to get to know you and it was [a] conversation. However, it didn't feel selective, just because it's a smaller company.”