Cornerstone Research specializes in economic and financial analysis for law firm clients. Cornerstone consultants are often called to provide expert testimony to commercial litigation and regulatory proceedings. It's the intersection of the legal and consulting worlds that makes the firm such an exciting and enriching opportunity. Past summer associates praised the "meaningful work," "intensive collaboration" with "stellar colleagues," and "great snacks."

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How To Apply

Interested students should submit a resume, cover letter and transcript at www.cornerstone.com/careers



Number Of Interns

101 or more


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6 to 12 weeks

About the Program

The summer analyst role at Cornerstone Research closely mirrors the full-time position. Summer analysts work in case teams that range in size, but typically include a faculty expert, senior consultants, and analysts. Within a case team, the summer analyst makes important contributions during all phases of a project—from developing case strategy and conducting analyses to preparing experts for testimony. Casework has both quantitative and qualitative elements, involving such key responsibiliti...

About the Company

In the increasingly complicated world of commercial litigation, attorneys often need help sifting through complex economic or financial issues. Cornerstone Research is the place they turn to for help. The firm has worked with top-tier law firms since its founding more than thirty years ago, and provides services to firms in a diverse group of industries including finance, telecommunications, high tech, manufacturing, and energy.

Cornerstone Research consults to attorneys in many facet...

Intern Reviews

  • “I was surprised by how flexible Cornerstone was in terms of working in person or virtually. I chose to come into the office most days, and while the hours are long, it’s definitely not crazy and there is good work-life balance. The environment in the office is very nice, everyone is very knowledgeable and happy to help others.”
  • “Firm is very social. People get along and enjoy spending time with one another in and out of work. Social events are well attended. Work is about 9 hours per day with some fluctuation; expect to work more hours around filings. Always encouraged to sign off at 6, the end of the work day, unless I really needed to work longer.”
  • “The amount of assigned work depends greatly on the case and varies each week. Lighter weeks were around 30 hours of real work and busier weeks were around 40 hours.”
  • “The [hours] can be difficult right before a filing, but it is usually pretty reasonable. Firm culture is great—the analysts go out of their way to make the internship a fun experience. The firm also organizes tons of events and lunches for us and the whole office. General attitude within the firm is that people like coming into work in the morning, and it is a positive work environment.”

Why Intern Here

At Cornerstone Research, we strive to create a culture where all employees are valued. We have a long tradition of being an inclusive work environment and supporting a multigenerational and diverse team of professionals. Within our communities, our firmwide goal is to encourage and inspire a diverse future workforce by increasing financial literacy and technology skills among thousands of students, especially those in disadvantaged and under-supported communities. For those who share our vision and values of high-quality work, commitment to our clients and experts, and support for one another and our communities, we offer an exciting, rewarding environment.

Getting Hired Here

  • “The firm has high standards when selecting applicants. Each applicant must go through two rounds of interviews, which include behavioral, or more traditional, interviews and case interviews. The case interviews can be challenging, and rely on your ability to think clearly through a problem and apply economic principles to solve it.”
  • “The hiring process isn't about networking. Interviewers genuinely care about your intelligence and problem-solving abilities (as well as your familiarity with economics, although that's to be expected). The interviews were somewhat difficult, but manageable.”
  • “Great communication throughout the interview process. I found that the case interviews were not very difficult and all the interviewers were very friendly and knowledgeable.”
  • “The interview process was definitely long and intense, but I thought the process was reflective of the intense and selective nature of the job. I felt that the interviewers did a great job of posing important questions and making the interview seem comfortable yet formal.”