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Trinity is a life sciences consultancy that approaches consulting from a “foundation of three:” advisory, insights & analytics, and technology. The result is comprehensive, end-to-end support for clients ranging from emerging biotech firms to massive pharmaceutical companies. A firm that places passion and character at the center of its talent search, Trinity is looking for those who bring a deeply felt desire to change lives and the life sciences industry to everything they do.

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Please apply directly through your university’s recruiting platform. All resumes will be reviewed and selected candidates will be contacted directly. This will be followed by a series of virtual case interviews with Trinity Life Sciences consultants.


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About the Program

Trinity Life Sciences offers its Associate Consultant Internship Program to undergraduate students. The program is intended to provide those who participate with a direct path toward a full-time Associate Consultant position with Trinity. Nearly 40 percent of the company’s client-facing leadership team started as an associate consultant from undergrad or while undergoing advanced degree programs.

The Associate Consultant Internship Program is available for students who are six months ...

About the Company

Originally founded in 1996 as Trinity Partners, Trinity Life Sciences has since grown to a global team of advisors, technical experts, data integrators, and technology innovators. Since the beginning, Trinity Life Sciences has been evidence-forward in all analyses and recommendations, focused on quality and accuracy first and foremost. Today, having leveraged its evidence-based approach and dedication into a global organization, Trinity Life Sciences has the client footprint, experience, and ...

Intern Reviews

  • “Standard 40-hour week (9 am–5 pm); great company culture and camaraderie.”
  • “No one seems to be working crazy hours like consultants usually do at larger firms. Everyone is very supportive and always willing to help. Had summer Fridays this year, so everyone was free to enjoy their Friday off after 1 p.m. (although I think it depends by year if they decide to do this or not). There is no pressure around how much you want to be socially involved.”
  • “Hybrid flexibility is really nice; everyone is really friendly and works really hard. Everyone is really willing to jump in to help each other's projects. Communication is very strong. Lots of internal strength in the company—lots of inter-department work. Good attitude towards work-life balance, I'd say. (It's relative and varies a lot by person, department, and level; for the interns, though, it is definitely good.)”

Getting Hired Here

  • “Why are you interested in Trinity/health care consulting? Experience working on a team? Pretty standard case questions.”
  • “When was a time you were a leader? When was a time you worked with people different from you? Tell us about certain experiences on your resume.”