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Veris Insights has established its internship program for students who are interested in a career in consulting. The immersive program is designed to give interns the resources they need to develop valuable skills, and provides the necessary breathing room for professional and personal growth. Veris Insights believes that a diverse team is key to success, and practices an equitable and comfortable recruitment process.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate professionalism, and must be...

About the Company

Veris Insights was founded in 2012 by sophomores at Princeton University. Originally known as the Ivy Research Council (IRC), the organization was intended to provide research on any topic, for any company. Throughout the 2010s, IRC gained the attention of Fortune 500 companies, and it held its first Annual Members Meeting in Washington, DC in 2017. The company expanded its product offerings in the 2020s, and has since changed its name to Veris Insights.

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Intern Reviews

  • “Culture is extremely friendly, welcoming, flexible, growth-oriented and supportive. I loved how intentional they were about crafting and implementing a positive environment where everyone could succeed and grow.”
  • “Very healthy work/life balance with flexible work days/hours; close working relationships with team and managers fostered a very amicable and enjoyable environment.”
  • “Firm culture is something that is prioritized with multiple avenues to truly create that. I was required to work 40 hours but there wasn't any clocking in or anything like that—as long as you get your work done, nobody really minds whether you work 9-5 or 10-6 or anything like that. Work/life balance is really promoted—unlimited PTO, as well as a push to actually use that PTO”
  • “The option to be completely virtual is really helpful, I'm able to have a flexible schedule, and the company culture is fantastic. Everyone I've met with has been kind, helpful, and brilliant.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “What is one thing that you are proud of that we can't see from your resume or LinkedIn profile?”
  • “For the research team internship, you'll be given a case study in the final round of interviews. You'll get a subset of real data to analyze however you see fit and make a slide conveying the topline insight from that analysis.”
  • “Tell us about yourself. What kind of role do you usually take in a team?”