American Electric Power (AEP) is one of the largest electric companies in the United States. It serves about 200,000 square miles across eleven states, providing electricity to over 5 million customers. AEP works in electricity transmission and power generation through its seven regional electric utilities that serve its millions of customers. AEP Energy, AEP Energy Partners, and AEP Onsite Partners are the company’s competitive businesses, providing retail solutions in energy and wholesale power. AEP employs interns year-round who rep...

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Students can find internship opportunities on Handshake, at career fairs, and at information sessions. Applications can also be submitted on the company website.



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About the Program

The American Electric Power Internship is designed as an abbreviated version of a full-time position at the company, gearing interns for later entry into the company. Interns enrolled in the computer science track receive practical experience in web development, script writing, programming, database development, and more. Engineering interns work with analyzed workflow, interpreted air permits, and benchmarked data. 

About the Company

American Electric Power (AEP) is the largest electricity generator and one of the largest utilities in the United States. Eleven states are linked to its distribution grid, which generates more than 39,000 megawatts. The company employs almost 20,000 people and has over five million customers. AEP’s transmission system serves roughly 10 percent of the electricity demand in the Eastern Interconnection.

Intern Reviews

  • “Had lots of freedom over my work hours, and it was easy to get some time off during the day if I needed it. If something came up, they were always understanding. My team had great camaraderie; we had weekly happy hours and ate lunch together.”
  • “My company culture is one of my favorite things about my internship. No matter who you run into, everyone is happy to talk about what they do at AEP. Everyone is so kind and helpful. Networking outside of my team with other employees is something that's pretty normal here. Our intern program pushes events that help college students be able to network and look for other possible rotations if they want to come back.”
  • “The quality of life at my internship was better than I could ever ask for from a job. My coworkers, hours, and work/life balance all were great and made my experience that much better.”
  • “During the time I have spent as an intern for AEP, I have felt that the work/life balance has been exceptional. My supervisor made sure to care about what I was doing outside of work and that everything was going well for me. They also worked with me if something came up and were flexible about it. The culture is great, everything involves safety and looking out for one another. The hours were the common 40 hours a week and the people I worked with were all excited to teach me about what they do and what the company does.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “The interviewers were kind and didn't rush me to answer or make me feel like I needed to talk more than to answer the question. The interview was not too hard, and the time between me applying and me scheduling an interview was about a month and a half, which is less than most of the other internships I had applied for.”
  • “The interview was very casual. My direct supervisor interviewed me just once and I received a call about an offer probably a week or two later. This was significantly faster than any other company I had been interviewing with and one reason why I ended up taking the job. … They asked about my coursework and technical skills extensively and chatted about what the position would look like should I be hired.”
  • “During my interview, the interviewers made it their mission to make me feel comfortable during the interview process. The interview itself was not difficult if you took the time to prepare yourself for the interview. However, they did have some interesting, fun questions that I had not heard of before. They selected their candidate based on how they answered the questions and conversed with them along with the information on the individual’s resume.”
  • “Interview had a good range of questions and topics; allowed me to talk about many of my experiences thoroughly. I like that the interview was only one round.”