Exelon is a Fortune 100 company that work​s in every stage of the energy business: power generation, competitive energy sales, transmission, and delivery. Past interns say their time at Exelon was a “great learning and development opportunity,” “fostered by mentorship, real-world projects, and inclusion in core business operations” and that they received “hands-on experience that could never have been taught in a classroom.”

Internship Program Stats


How To Apply

Apply online (resume required) via www.exeloncorp.com/careers



Number Of Interns

101 or more









2.50 - 2.99



6 to 12 weeks

About the Program

Exelon hires approximately 400 professional interns each summer across their seven businesses to participate in their 10-week program. The project-based intern program is paid and emphasizes academic learning, skill development, career developing, and peer networking.

Interns are paid between $15-25 per hour depending on their discipline and year in school, and they are eligible for a $200/week housing stipend if their permanent address is more than 50 miles from their work location.<...

About the Company

Exelon Corporation is the leading U.S. competitive energy provider, with one of the cleanest and lowest-cost power generation fleets and largest retail customer bases in the country. The Exelon family of companies participates in every stage of the energy business, from generation to power sales to transmission to delivery. Headquartered in Chicago, the company has operations and business activities in 47 states, the District of Columbia and Canada.

Intern Reviews

  • "Everyone that I worked with was incredibly supportive and willing to assist me when needed. The hours required to work is not a big deal as they were very good at not having me work beyond those hours; as a result, work/life balance was completely fine."
  • "The culture is centered around collaboration and learning. As an intern you were expected to work 40 hours a week, no more, no less. My schedule was relatively flexible as long as I worked my 40. The work/life balance at Exelon seems very healthy."
  • "Amazing people and mentors at Exelon. I always felt like a part of the team and had all of my questions answered."
  • "I worked eight hours a day, five days a week, for ten weeks. Within my internship, I found there to be a great sense of work/life balance as I had very consistent schedule."

Getting Hired Here

  • "Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, I truly believe that the recruiters (and the rest of the HR Dept. and others in which I give credit where credit is due) that I remained in contact with made the hiring process as fair & punctual as possible because they

    1. Fairly stated my job description/duties & how to complete all virtual paperwork to collect the necessary info & make an informed decision
    2. Organized one Microsoft Teams interview that was reciprocal in communication in which both the interviewer and interviewee maintained appropriate eye (or rather webcam) contact. The interview thought I proved myself and seemed intrigued about what I had to say. He also informed me that he will switch between looking at the webcam and looking at his other computer monitor to type his report while I speak."
  • "I applied for a position at one site, interviewed with engineering managers from a different site, and finally received an offer from a third site. I had 2 more interviews throughout the summer when I only expected to have 1, but the additional interviewing experience was beneficial. Interview questions were to be answered in a STAR format (Situation, Task, Action, and Result)."
  • "The application and interview process were, to my knowledge, relatively standard. After an online application, there was 1 interview, as well as a background check."
  • "My interview process was fantastic. I found it to be very clear and received all the necessary preparation work for a positive experience."