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About the Program

Departments that hire interns at Applied Materials vary from accounting and finance to marketing and sales, so there’s a diverse array of fields from which to choose. Interns are paid by the hour and are eligible for perks like health benefits. The majority of the interns are based in the company’s Santa Clara location and work on both individual and team projects to gain meaningful experience in their chosen specialization. Twenty percent of interns are offered full-time positions following ...

About the Company

If you have a phone, computer, or TV, chances are good that Applied Materials made something inside it. The company is No. 1 in nanomanufacturing technology solutions—meaning you’ll have to be a physics whiz just to understand the terminology on a daily basis.

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Intern Reviews

  • “Applied Materials is great at providing employees with an enjoyable work/life balance. Employees are almost never required to work more than 40 hours a week, and it is never an issue if you need to leave early for personal reasons.”
  • “The culture here is very collaborative and supportive. In my team, people are very willing to explain the science problems and help whenever needed. I work around 7-8 hours per day, and the general attitude towards work life balance is very positive.”
  • “Great company culture, very understanding and encouraging.”
  • “The work life balance was really good. The attitude of colleagues was really welcoming and friendly. Even senior level staff was approachable.”

Getting Hired Here

  • “It felt that the company really took their time and consideration in finding the interns for the program.”
  • “Interview was very interactive and informative. The process was straight to the point, and I was very satisfied with the process.”
  • “My interviewers are pretty casual, and they did not ask me to solve any problems. The conversation mainly revolved around my Ph.D. work and the skillsets I have.”
  • “Hiring was very easy. One interview and an offer was sent out about a week later.”